How Tony Robbins’s 6 Human Needs Relate To Your Chakras


(Note: Due to copyright, youtube made me remove Tony’s clip from my video above. You can see Tony’s Ted Talk here and go to 10:50 for his comments on the 6 Human Needs).

In sports and most other areas of endeavor, you typically have at least a handful of people at the top; those who have worked hard and excelled way beyond the norm. In life coaching, there is really only one person who stands out all by himself, and that person is Tony Robbins. A life coach for approximately 30 years, Tony has helped over four million people with his live seminars and countless more with hi audio programs.
In other words, I think it’s safe to say that Tony knows human beings and excels as a life coach.

The reason I point this out is because some people consider the human chakra system to be a very “out there” or “woo woo” topic, and I want to correct that perception. The chakras are very real. They are the anatomy of our spirit and because of this, they correlate to, and illuminate every aspect of our lives. And if you don’t belief me, just look at Tony Robbin’s work. While Tony never overtly talks about the chakras, his life coaching system is based on them.

When working with people, Tony’s always uses a basic guide, something he calls the 6 Human Needs. It just so happens, that these 6 human needs directly relate to the first 5 chakras in sequence like this:

1st Human Need = 1st Chakra = Certainty

2nd Human Need = 2nd Chakra = Uncertainty/Variety

3rd Human Need = 3rd Chakra = Significance

4th Human Need = 4th Chakra = Love/Connection

5th Human Need = 5th Chakra = Growth

6th Human Need = 5th Chakra = Contribution

tony and oprah

Tony’s system dovetails perfectly with the chakras through to the 5th chakra, but then the upper chakras are never addressed. This is probably due to the fact that the two highest chakras, six and seven, deal mostly with spiritual needs, and very few people are making these needs a high priority (especially not the people who feel they need a life coach).  Still, they are HUMAN spiritual needs, so I believe we should include them.

What Tony has labeled as two different needs, growth and contribution, are actually covered as one need in the fifth chakra — to find and live your true purpose. When you live your raison d’être, you grow and you contribute by default. The nature of a personal purpose is that it causes you to grow spiritually and to give the world what you came here to give.

So, I believe there really are seven human needs, each one corresponding to a chakra in the body.  Tony’s first four needs are spot on, directly relating to the first four chakras. From there, I would add:


5th Human Need = 5th Chakra = Purpose

6th Human Need = 6th Chakra = Connection to Divinity Within

7th Human Need = 7th Chakra = Connection to Divinity Outside The Self or to All Of Creation

The 6th chakra relates to the human need to be spiritually connected to one’s own higher self/inner voice and intuition — as well as one’s psychic abilities. And the 7th chakra relates to the human need to feel connected to a source or God outside of ourselves (or to be connected to all of creation which is largely outside of us).

Since very few people have these needs as their first priority, they tend to get over-looked, but in this age of higher consciousness, they are definitely a need that needs to be recognized. If you want to some good methods for how to meet the need of your 6th chakra, try reading oracle cards, lucid dreaming, journaling and meditation. They’re all good ways to connect with your own higher self.

As for the 7th chakra, prayer, and meditation, energy healing and yoga can all strengthen your sense of being connected to a higher power, to something bigger than you.

Watch the video above and learn more about how the Tony’s human needs relate to the seven chakras. Ask yourself which needs seem to dominate your life. When you know what truly motivates you, you begin to be more self-aware and have more freedom to make non-habitual choices.

Real freedom in life doesn’t come from being free of external circumstances as much as being free from internal limitations.

Vicki Howie, MA, CHt is the Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ and an International Life Coach. She’s also the creator of the Chakra Life Cycle System. If you’ve never worked with Vicki, try the Quick Start Transformational Package and get a 30-min Chakra Life Cycle Reading, healing tattoos and an amazing abundance program at an unbelievable price.

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