7 Things That Make My Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos Last Longer

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A little while ago, a customer wrote to me to tell me that my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ wouldn’t stay on her husband very long, and I realized that I have been serving happy customers for over nine years now and I have never fully explained how and why my tattoos stay on some folks longer than others.

So finally, here’s the answer.

It’s actually quite fascinating, because it deals with different levels of our being — our energy, our habits and our physical make up.

At the time of this writing, tens of thousands of my tattoos have been worn by happy customers in 49 countries, and the vast majority have experienced the average wear times of 3-7 days. Some have experienced less, and some even more.

Occasionally, though, a customer will write and tell me that their tattoos won’t stay on more than a day or two. After seven years of helping people get the most out of my tattoos, I can now clarify what makes them last, so you can know what to expect and also learn a few things you can do to make yours last longer. So here are 7 factors that affect the longevity of my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™.

Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos Last Longer When:

1) You Wash Them Lightly (& Add Talcum Powder)

The tattoos I use are manufactured in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, which interestingly many consider to be an energy healing spot just like Sedona, Arizona where I live and store them to charge them with Sedona Vortex Energy. So they are made near the sea and stored in the desert. I find that my current manufacturer makes the prettiest, most vibrant tattoos (by far!), but they can also be a little bit stickier. Since many of the tattoos (especially the lower chakras) are worn where clothes can rub them, I find that the most key thing you can do to give them longevity is to (after you put them on) wash their surface very gently with some soap and rinse them well. Then pat them dry and repeat one more time if you still feel any surface stickiness. You may also wish to add a little talcum powder, or other inert body powder of your choice. This also helps to take any surface stickiness away. Just treat the washy as a ritual and anoint your chakras as you do it.

2) The Chakra Energy Is Strong (Less When It’s Weaker)

Be aware (especially if you’re trying to heal a very weak chakra) that your tattoo will last longer if the corresponding chakra is strong and will come off more quickly if the chakra is weak. This has something to do with “like attracts like.” Unfortunately, this means the people that need my tattoos the most on an energetic level will tend to get the least wear out of them in the beginning. 

Early on, I had a fascinating experience with a woman in Greece who had such a weak solar plexus chakra that it actually repelled the tattoo right off of her. It was so fascinating to watch! You can read about the experience here.

And I actually had to “train” my own energy field. I wore all of my healing tattoos 19 months straight and continually replaced them when needed. When I began, my root tattoo would only last a couple days, but by the end, it lasted up 6 or 7 days in the back (because my clothing rubbed it off) and up to 11 days on the front of my thighs. This is due to the fact that as I built up my root chakra energy which was my weakest, the tattoos there lasted longer. I’m living proof you can extend their longevity as your chakra energy expands.

3) Your Skin Is Darker (Less When It’s Really Fair/Freckled)

When I first got my tattoos made, the manufacturer warned me that people with very fair skin will not get the same wear out of them. In particular, he said that people with freckly skin would get the least amount of longevity. It seemed so silly that I honestly thought he was joking!

He wasn’t. Not in the slightest.

After working with the tattoos for over seven years, I see that very fair skinned people get the least wear-time out of them. Still, I feel even the shortest amount of exposure to the energy of these tattoos can be life changing, so I certainly don’t want to discourage fair-skinned folks from working with them. My tattoos bypass beliefs and work directly on the body, so that is worth whatever exposure you can get. If you are very fair-skinned and you want to try and work with my tattoos, contact me and we can work some sort of replacement system for you where I provide some free tattoos to make up for the shortened wear-time.

3) You Avoid All Kinds of Oils

My healing tattoos are made to withstand water. When you’re wearing them, you can shower all you want. What they don’t like is oil. While wearing them, you should avoid using any bath or body oils, even essential healing oils. If you like to soak in a tub with oils, try to avoid doing it when you are wearing my tattoos.

4) You Avoid Rubbing Them In Any Way

My first and second chakra tattoos tend to have a shorter life because they get more rubbing from underwear and pants. And I find that my fifth chakra tattoos often wear off more quickly because many of us rub our necks unconsciously. Also, if you do physical, sweaty activities like martial arts, yoga or many team sports, they may not last as long due to clothes friction and acidic sweat.

5) You Avoid Soaking 

Even though my tattoos can withstand showers really well and regular water is not usually a problem, long baths can break them down — especially really hot baths. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

6) You Avoid Clothing That is Rough or Tight That Will Touch The Tattoos

Just like the soaking, this one is pretty obvious, but I just want to say it to make it totally clear. Avoid tight or rough clothing that may wear them off. Tight elastic bands on a bra for instance will wear off the heart tattoo.

7) You Wear Them In Conjunction With Other Forms of Chakra Healing

Because my tattoos respond to the strength of any given chakra, they last longer when paired with other forms of energy healing. If you receive a session of reiki, reconnective healing, or cranio-sacral, you can put them on, and they will tend to assist that healing and last longer as well.

But doing other forms of healing is not required. My tattoos are created to work on their own, directly with your body’s energy. They don’t even require that you have an intent (though good intent can add to the process), because their symbols and colors are the intent and their placement on the body — the symbols placed on the water of your system — is what creates the energetic shift.

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3 thoughts on “7 Things That Make My Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos Last Longer”

  1. Thank you Vicki. That was very useful and it now explains why my tattoo around my neck area was the first to rub off (24 hours). I love the knowledge that the more I wear them the longer they may last. I usually put them on when I’m feeling off – but now I’m going to put them on for 1 month straight. I can’t wait to see the shift in my life and energy/body.
    I love your tattoos, and YOU. You bring so much love and energy to my day – THANK YOU!

    Peace & love always.
    Stacey XO:)

  2. Hi Stacey, I wore my own tattoos for 19 months straight until I no longer had any pains or problems when they wore off. That “trained” my chakras in a major way. One month is a great start!! Lots of love back at you. xoxo, Vicki

  3. Hi Vicki,
    Wow! Thank you for this information on your healing tattoos. I had no idea!!
    I h ave used your tattoos just the once and loved them. I ‘intend’ to get them again.
    Much love and sparkly rainbow blessings,
    Gayle xx (((HUGS)))

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