The Owl In My House ~ Getting Support From Spiritual Symbols


I used to think that symbols and metaphors were merely the fanciful creations of poets, musicians and artists. But after years of life coaching, and hearing metaphor after metaphor from my clients, I now realize that artists don’t create the metaphors as much as observe them. Our lives are filled to the brim with meaningful symbols. Life is always communicating with us symbolically, and we can benefit greatly from the conversation, if we “listen” to it.

You can start paying more attention to the symbols in your life by paying more attention to what I call “the big three” — your home, your car and the animals that come into your life.

From my clients, I have learned that your house represents you, your car represents you “on the go” and the animals that come into your life are bringing particular messages.

Let me use my life as an example.

Currently, I am going through a period of break down (“death”), a time for ending old ways and allowing new ways of being to emerge. As you may already know, I took a month-long personal transformation tour a few weeks back, and man did it stir things up.

When I returned home, I found they had begun the planned renovation on the place I’ve been living. Interestingly, they had basically started tearing out walls and flooring right around the time I began a deep workshop on my trip; that is, right as I was tearing out some of the old “walls” within myself.

So my home has definitely been reflecting me.

Then, the day after I got back, I took my car to the shop and found out it needed a whole new transmission.


House being rebuilt.

Car being rebuilt.

Me being rebuilt.

Could it be any clearer?

owl inside houseYes, apparently it could. Because last week, one of the renovation workers left a window or sliding door open and an owl decided to come in and spend the night in my living room.

That’s not a typo. We found an owl in the house. That’s him (or her) in the photo.

So, of course, I looked up the symbolism for the owl online and got this:

“The traditional meaning of the owl spirit animal is the announcer of death, most likely symbolic like a life transition, change.”

Okay, let’s check the symbolism scoreboard:

1. My car dies.

2. My home gets deconstructed so much that I’m told I need to move out.

3. An owl, the “announcer of death and transition” decides to sleep over in my torn-down-to-sheet-rock living room.

I’d say three for three, wouldn’t you?

And somehow for me, it’s much easier to face all this death and destruction (and impending rebirth) with the Universe talking to me symbolically. It sort of says to me, “this may not be fun, but it’s meant to be. Just go with it.”

And so I am.

What are your home, car and the animals in your life (or other symbols) saying to you?

Make it your habit to listen to what life is saying to you. And if you have anything to share, I’d love for you to do so below.

Love, blessings, and rebirth,


p.s. If you would like to explore the symbols in your life, or move toward a dream you want to create, let me offer you an initial Skype coaching session with me at 50% off. Just use the coupon code: wholenesshalfoff in our store.


  • Zora
    April 4, 2014

    In 1994, just before the Big Shakeups in my life began, I had a dream of a barn roof covered with owls. In retrospect, I feel it was not only for my own life, but for all of humanity – esp. in light of all that has happened since then!

    Most recently, I attracted a stray kitty – he is beautiful inside and out, and he has become my own living totem of freedom and independence. I honestly feel that I “birthed” him somehow, and he is like my soulmate in many ways. 🙂

    I have to agree with you on the symbolism thing…houses DO reflect either the state of our lives at the moment, or show us what we need to take care of in ourselves – it’s remarkable how accurate it is. I don’t have a car at present, but perhaps that is symbolic of the fact I need to work on my independence even more!

    Thanks for another helpful and enlightening video, Vicki! 🙂 Much Love!

  • Vicki
    April 19, 2014

    Thanks for this response, Zora. It’s so thoughtful. I am sorry that I somehow missed it when it came in and am so delayed in my reply.

    I thick that’s great about your kitty. I totally get it. As for that car, how are things moving forward in your life? At the speed you want? Symbolism is extremely personal, so if my questions help, ponder them. And if they don’t, just let them go. Love and blessings, Vicki

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