Grow A Chakra Garden & Watch Your Chakras Grow


As a Life Coach who sees a lot of spiritually-oriented clients, from Yoga Teachers to Reiki Healers, I’ve noticed a certain imbalance. Spiritually-inclined people (especially the female kind) often find it difficult to embody their third chakra.  After all, the third chakra is the home of anger, power and ego. They’ve been taught that “nice” people don’t get angry, that ego blocks spirit, and power means controlling others.

Unfortunately, all of those beliefs – none of which are true — weaken the third chakra.

A majority of the clients I work with need someone to give them permission to step back into the fiery energy of their third chakra.  And I give it to them gladly, because the transformation of our planet is relying on heart-centered people stepping into full leadership, and it’s impossible to step into a position of power without third chakra energy.

Power in itself is not bad at all. It takes power to make positive change. It’s only abuse of power that is bad.

Anger in itself is not bad. At low levels, it’s a healthy warning sign that one’s boundaries are being crossed or that one feels disrespected.

Ego’s not a bad thing either. When one has a strong, healthy ego, there is nothing to prove. It’s only when the ego is weak and a person actually feels insecure that a person tends to act “egotistical” and controlling.

One of the best ways to embrace your third chakra and its seemingly unlovable qualities is to do the Shadow Integration Process with me. Another powerful method for nurture this part of yourself – or any part of yourself – is to grow a chakra garden.

My client Stacey* had a weak third chakra, so I gave her the homework task of growing a third chakra garden. I handed her seven sunflower seeds and asked her to plant them and name each one a different third chakra characteristic.

3rd chakra gardenShe came up with these qualities – Power, Self-Respect, Clarity, Action, Gut, Self-Confidence and Fire.

She planted them all out in individual pots so they would have a safe container in which to start their young life. When they get a little stronger, she will transplant them. The photo (left) shows the current state of her plants. The angle makes both of the front plants – Power and Fire – look a little bigger than they actually are, but you can still pretty much make out that “action” has grown the fastest. How ironic. Stacey says watching her third chakra qualities grow – and nurturing their development — has been an amazing learning tool.

What chakra would you like to boost? If it’s the first, think about planting beets, or for the second chakra, plant orange peppers. For the heart chakra grow lettuce – each head looking a lot like a blossoming lotus flower of the heart. Perhaps grow some blueberries for the fifth chakra, blackberries for the sixth, and grapes for the seventh.

The key is to hone in on the seven qualities you want to cultivate and then nurture them through your gardening.  As your plants grow, you’ll find that the chakra qualities you desire will naturally grow within you as well.

*Fictional name used to protect the client’s privacy

Vicki Howie is a International Life Coach, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Master NLP Practitioner. To work with Vicki, go here.

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