The Importance of Moon Astrology — Especially For Women


Let me begin this post with a clear admission — I am no astrologer.

I can’t even tell you what house means what — or really, even what a “house” is (other than the kind you live in).

But I do have an affinity for the moon and all things feminine, and I am super excited to announce that Shamanic Healer, and amazing Yoga Instructor, Bekah Turner, has agreed to be my first Guest Blogger here at Chakra Boosters.  Bekah will be sharing bi-weekly blog posts interpreting the astrological atmosphere during the pivotal — full and new — moon phases.

The moon and her phases and energy are particularly important to women, because we are naturally in sync with the moon. This is why for instance, women generally cycle through more moods/ways of feeling than men do over any given period.  Males are more aligned with the powerful, slow-moving sun that changes astrological signs approximately every 28 days, while woman are more entrained to the receptive moon that moves through a new sign every few days.   In this way, woman naturally cycle through the astrological signs almost ten times as quickly as men.

So the moon is very important for helping us to understand our Divine Feminine. And the two most important phases of the moon are the new moon, which represents the best time to set intentions and create new beginnings, and the full moon, which is the ideal time to check in with how those intentions and beginnings have flourished.

Bekah’s bi-weekly posts will help you to understand the unique make up of every new and full moon, so you can make the most of your feminine power (and this includes you men too). Reading her posts will help you decide which intentions to focus on and what influences may or may not affect their fruition.

I hope you enjoy her interpretations as much as I do!




  • julieta
    August 11, 2012

    hi vicky! where can i see these posts? saludos!

  • Vicki
    August 11, 2012

    Right here in the blog. The first one is the blog post after this one. And in a day or so, I will be posting Bekah’s post for the new (Leo) moon. 🙂 Vicki

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