Your First Chakra Right: TO BE (AND TO HAVE)!


One easy way to boost your chakras is to focus on the inalienable right of any given chakra.  Each one is associated with a basic right, and when you claim this right as your own, you immediately access the essence of that chakra.

It sounds too simple, I know.  But it truly works.  Since the power of every chakra is already within us, when we claim, “I have the right to “x” it instantly puts us in touch with the innate power of “x” within us.  So, to help you step into the full essence of each chakra, and claim it’s distinct power as your own, I’m going to look at the basic rights of the chakras over the next seven (or so) posts (I may be inspired to digress for a post or two, but will definitely return).

The basic right of your first chakra is the right TO BE.  I mean, what could be more basic than your right to exist?  But we aren’t talking about your right exist as a spirit here, we’re talking about your right to exist physically — in a body.  You see, the first chakra is all about the physical world.  It’s a masculine chakra, and its element is earth, which means it has to do with manifesting things.

So the basic right TO BE is closely followed by a corresponding right TO HAVE. Your first chakra right TO HAVE has two distinct levels. The first level is your right to have your basic needs met.  I call this your “right to survive.” The second level is your right to manifest your greater desires.  I call this your “right to thrive.”  Obviously, there is a huge gap between these two levels of having.
The most interesting thing about these two distinct levels of your right TO HAVE is this:  if you’re totally preoccupied with your right to survive – in other words, if you see life as a continual struggle to meet your basic needs – then you’re not going to be able to explore your right to manifest your more refined desires. So clearly, you must master surviving before you can move on to thriving.

There are two groups of people that have the most trouble with this right – the first group is comprised of folks who see themselves as spiritual and NOT material, and the second group is made up of people who deeply believe they have to work hard for everything they get.

People from the “spiritual, not material” group have their identity wrapped up in residing in their upper chakras, and often feel uncomfortable descending into their lower chakras – where “temptations” like greed (1st chakra), lust (2nd chakra) and power (3rd chakra) reside.  Unfortunately, if you can’t fully embody your energy field down to its roots, you can’t manifest anything substantial – or even feel you have the right to manifest and have things.

People from the hard working group usually believe they have to work hard for everything they get, and since there are only 24 hours in a day, they are always limited as to what they can have. And It’s not much fun for them either! This belief system is often tied to what their parents taught them – or even more importantly, to what their parents modeled for them.

Many of us have built-in subconscious beliefs that we can’t make more money than our parents (adjusted for inflation of course), or that we have to work as hard as they did, pay the dues they did, etc.

Do you see a part of yourself in either of these groups?  If so, just acknowledge it without judgment, and you will already be shifting your perception and creating subtle transformation. You may also want to do some hypnotherapy with me, wear the First Chakra Booster Healing Tattoo, check out shadow work, “The Work,” or EFT — all great techniques for shifting your subconscious beliefs.

So, what do you deserve TO HAVE?  If your answer was “I deserve to have it all,” and every cell of you body is in agreement with that, then you can exercise your basic first chakra right and have the things you truly desire.

But if you sense you may have blocks to fully embracing your right TO HAVE —  you might want to wear the first chakra healing tattoos and/or check out my audio course, “Boost Your First Chakra for Grounding & Prosperity.” In it, I provide lots of fun games, clear information and super-effective, guided meditations to help you start positively shifting your right TO HAVE today.


  • Meerkat
    May 10, 2018

    Omg I’ve known for a while now that I’m root chakra deficient..2 days ago I hurt my coccyx (its almost like I’ve been waiting for something like that to happen)… I realize I always feel like I have to give away everything I have, whether it’s money or gifts or advice or compliments etc but I never give to myself…lately I’ve been feeling down that I didn’t look out for myself and that turned in to actual hating of the people I gave to bc the things I gave are actually what I need!!! Anywhoo.. tonight it clicked.. the right TO HAVE! I grew up in a super religious family and omg your article hit the nail on the head, I always thought the material world was so wrong! My first instinct was to pray that I can take back what I gave away but I hope that with the affirmation that I have the right to have, new doors will open? Somethings gotta give 😉 xoxoxo

  • Vicki
    May 16, 2018

    Hi Meerkat,
    Now, you can both GIVE and HAVE from a place of joy. When we give from a subconscious believe that we can’t have, it is different than giving because we enjoy the other having that it gives to us. Feel that? Also your coccyx energy is you awakening your root on the physical level. Accidents activate our chakras. Check out this video: https://youtu.be/6HTyR9io8J8 xoxo, Vicki

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