The Right Of Your Second Chakra: TO FEEL!


In my previous post, we covered the basic right of your first chakra – the right to have.  If you didn’t read it, you may want to do that now, before we move on.

Today we’re covering the basic right of your second chakra – TO FEEL.  The second chakra is feminine in nature.  It’s element is water, and it’s all about flow, movement and change.  The key word in “emotion” is “motion.”  Your feelings are poetry in motion, and the second chakra is about allowing the dance of your feelings to happen – and about being aware of what you’re truly feeling, rather than what you think you should feel or what seems socially appropriate.

impressionist painting of clownMen, in particular, can sometimes be downright uncomfortable with their right TO FEEL.  Many of them learned to block the flow of their emotions when they were young.  They may have been told things like, “boys don’t cry” or “be a man,” which made them feel they should learn to control and hide their feelings.

When we have held back the flow of our feelings for a long time, we are rightfully frightened that when we open to them, they will flood our being and overwhelm us like a raging river busting through a broken dam.  Or likewise, after years of not claiming our right TO FEEL, we may be somewhat numb to our true emotions, and unable to find the way back to our true Self.

What makes you FEEL deeply?

A particular type of music?

Or dancing?

Or a certain kind of movie?

Or remembering someone you love deeply who is no longer around?

Perhaps you can declare today, your “Right To Feel Day” and consciously do activities that help you emote.  You may want to wear a Second Chakra Booster Healing Tattoo™ t0 stimulate your sacral energy center, then, celebrate your second chakra by giving yourself permission TO FEEL whatever comes up.

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