The Right Of Your Third Chakra: TO ACT!


So far, in previous posts, we’ve covered the basic right of the first chakra – TO HAVE, and the basic right of the second chakra – TO FEEL.

The inalienable right of your third chakra is the right TO ACT.  Incorporated within the right TO ACT is also, of course, the right to choose — which you must do as you decide how you will take action.

lady with boxing glovesThe third chakra is masculine in nature and its element is fire.  It’s the “can do” chakra, so it’s all about moving forward – and about having the confidence that will help us to move forward.

You have the right to act in ways that make your dreams come true.  But dreaming about something is easier than taking action to make it real, so in order to claim the right of your third chakra, you may have to courageously step up and overcome indecision, doubt, laziness, or procrastination (just to name a few).

What do you want to act on, but have putting off?

What could you accomplish today if you removed any indecision and simply made the choice to take action?

What actions would you take if you knew you could not fail?

These are all questions that help you claim your right TO ACT.

Some of the practices that boost third chakra energy are:  saying affirmations to increase your confidence, watching a third chakra meditation video, doing sit ups, or wearing a Third Chakra Booster Healing Tattoo.

When I was in the process of creating Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos, I consciously made the choice to design and manufacturer the third chakra tattoo first, because I knew it would give me the confidence and energy to create the other tattoos, as well as the packaging, website, and more.  And it worked!  So, if you’re feeling stuck and unable to act, wear a third chakra tattoo on your solar plexus and go for it!

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