Surrendering To The Big Chakra Life Cycle Change Of Turning 50


Tomorrow, in commemoration of my 50th birthday, I’m jumping out of an airplane from an altitude of over 10,000 feet. It’s my first skydive ever, and I’m a bit apprehensive – to say the least, but I’m definitely doing it.

I’ve had a tendency in the past to sort of ignore my birthdays; play them down; sometimes even work right through them.

But the BIG 5-0 is too significant for that kind of treatment. So I’m jumping from the sky, cruising on the sea (soon afterward) and celebrating in a grand fashion.

You see, the transition from age 49 to 50 marks the one and only, naturally-induced, total energetic “do over” of our lives (unless we are fortunate enough to live to age 98 when it happens a second time).

Our lives pulsate in life cycles of seven years that correspond to the chakras. When we’re 49 years old, we’re in our 7-7 cycle – the highest spiritual pinnacle possible. That means, the only way we can go at this point is DOWN – and that’s exactly where we go – all the way, down, down, down into our 1-1 cycle where first chakra reigns supreme.

Basically, our 50th birthday marks a huge right of passage that can be summed up in one word:  SURRENDER.

That’s why I chose skydiving. I’m going to a super high place in the sky (7-7) and dropping all the way down to the sweet ground of Mother Earth (1-1). It’s so symbolically fitting.  And one thing I’ve learned about spiritual transformation and self-growth over the years is this: the more you can actually EMBODY the learnings, the better.

If you want to have courage, do something courageous like walk on a bed of hot coals, or if conversely, you want to soften and surrender, literally wear a blindfold around for a while and trust the kindness of strangers to guide you, or fall back into the arms of a trusted group of friends, or… well, jump out of an airplane with nothing but a glorified piece of fabric to save you from splatting.

Embodiment is the ultimate teacher. You can think you know what it would be like to be a parent, but absolutely nothing compares to the actual experience, because experience is the greatest teacher of all. It’s the only way we can deeply own what we learn.

Anyway, I digress. What I really want to share with you is this: today, I got really honest with myself and discovered that jumping out of a plane wasn’t the scariest act of surrender I could engage in this week.  Something else was even more frightening.

You see, I had a fleeting thought the other day – that I should leave my computer at home on this cruise and not do ANY work – and I nearly broke out into a cold sweat. Those of you who know me as the mostly-reformed technophobe that I am may consider this new-found attachment to my computer to be a sort of mini-victory, and on one level, I think it is. Still, I find it so incredible that the idea of leaving my work and computer at home creates more anxiety for me than the idea of jumping out of a plane!

So you know what I have to do, right? Yep. The Mac is staying at home (wow, it hurts just to type that — really). A big, strong part of me does NOT want to do this (the part that keeps saying, “but what about…?)  — which is precisely why I MUST do it. I’m going to pack my journal, and a good book, and share lots of time connecting with my myself and my beloved.

What kind of surrender scares you?  What addictions are you afraid to release? I invite you to join me over this next week and commit to letting go of one thing you that’s blocking a fuller experience of life, and see what happens. I’m betting  surrender will be good for your soul.

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