Virgo Full Moon & Mercury Retrograde ~ Honor Yourself & Prepare


Virgo Full Moon, Monday, February 25 @ 12:26 pm (PST)

I still struggle with Virgo. Mutable earth, ruled by Mercury, symbolized by the Virgin, how you puzzle me.

But perhaps it is because the very linear, logical Saturn has started a retrograde cycle in mysterious, emotional Scorpio and tomorrow Mercury, Virgo’s own home planet, will start his backward jaunt in equally watery, mystical Pisces, that I am getting a new feeling about lady Virgo.

I have great respect for retrograde cycles. We are also such linear beings that it is nice when the universe demands we slow down and move in a different direction. Sometimes we also feel like we are going backwards or like we are moving in circles. But as Aquarius taught us at the last new moon, getting outside the box can create miracles. Besides, we are not yet at the energetic time for action and birth, so a little more support in our snake skin shedding, spring cleaning, surrendering and opening to the teachings of the year can be very welcome.

Virgo is perfect for this energy.

I think the symbol for Virgo threw me off more than any other. But it was because I didn’t really get the use of the term ‘virgin’ and um, totally did not feel like I could relate. Hee hee. Luckily, I am wiser now and have nothing but reverence for the word. A virgin means one who belongs to herself. It has nothing to do with anatomy. The virgin goddesses are some of my faves, like Saraswati or Artemis and Athena. Even the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The virgin’s power is that she contains it, does not give it away unnecessarily. She focuses on herself, her passions, dreams, travels, destiny.

The energy of Virgo is seen as a critic or perfectionist, but isn’t that similar to a Virgin being seen as a prude or ingénue? With the power of the full moon and the gift of retrograde perspective, we can honor Virgo as the ruler of change, adapting the physical, bringing us back to wholeness and our center. She can do this through cleansing, organizing, cutting through the old, but also simply by recognizing this spirit is within us all. We have the power to fully belong to ourselves, to heal and prepare ourselves for whatever actions lie ahead.

If we can welcome this way of feeling, it can only support us in taking better care of our bodies, minds and souls, which in turn allows us to be full enough to give to others from the excess… and that is the true meaning of the waxing/full moon cycle: To fill up completely before we choose to empty again.

Choose to fill, choose to change your perspective and welcome Virgo, the sacred virgin, into your life.



Bekah Finch Turner is a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com

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