Aquarius New Moon and Chinese New Year ~ The Power of the Snake


New Moon in Aquarius @ 11:20 pm (Pacific) February 9, 2013

I have never been a girl who is fearful of snakes and spiders. I have a healthy respect for them and I don’t bother them if I can help it, but I have always felt more awe than fear in their presence.

Snakes are probably the oldest symbol of the Goddess. The serpent was revered as keeper of mystery, magic, rebirth, prophecy and wisdom until fairly recently. Luckily, much of the evil omens around these beings has been dissipating and people, women in particular, are beginning to realize they can learn much from our Snake relations.

I actually have a ball python as a… Pet is such the wrong term… A companion. Not my idea, he was originally my step son’s. But well, you mom’s know how that goes. I really did not want him simply because I don’t think snakes should be pets. However, we have developed a nice relationship and it is pretty magical to watch him day after day.

Snakes are considered to be yin, feminine. They are the ultimate symbol of female mysteries, shedding their skin with the lunar cycle. They are sensitive to the dark and full moon as well.

Yet they are also very clever predators and are some of the most deadly creatures in existence. Smart, calculating, extremely efficient at using their energy wisely. Only babies waste venom. If an adult rattler knows it can’t eat you, it generally won’t waste too much of it’s precious juice. Or time. Spike, our python, Very rarely moves without purpose. But when he is ready to strike, his aim is dead on.

Most would equate snakes as more akin to Pluto and Scorpio. I agree but Aquarius, fixed air, also resonates with this duality. Most Aquarians are hypersensitive to their environment and acutely aware of the best way to utilize their space. I would consider Aquarius to be a yin sign, devoted to the highest good and feminine ideals. Aquarians are not afraid to shed old skin and let go of anything not serving them. Much of the 2012 excitement was around a global shift into the Aquarian age, thought to be more aligned with the yin healing energy.

They are also quite clever, cunning and detached. I don’t know any emotional Aquarians, unless they have lots of water elsewhere. This sign is ruled by Uranus, lightning quick. Like the serpent ready to catch her prey, Uranus strikes before you have any idea what hit you.

I am musing on snakes and aquarians because this Saturday, 2/9, is both the Chinese new year and aquarius new moon. I know little to nothing about the intricate practice of chinese astrology, but I find it fascinating, especially the rotation of animals and elements. I also love that they follow a lunar calendar, which makes so much sense.

Anyway, 2013 is the year of the black water snake… How cool does that sound? I have been obsessed with researching it lately but don’t feel qualifed to share. Besides, musing on it is much more fun and aquarian.

I will say this is a potent cycle for change. If you feel like 2013 got off to a funky start, this is the month for sloughing off that old skin and inviting the ancient power of the snake to come in! Aquarius likes sound, expression, intentional movement and changing for the better. The ancient snake cultures also venerated conscious movement to bring about trance, a state for healing, channeling and speaking truthfully.

Get outside your comfort zone! Play music and instruments, write without editing, go to open mic night! Find a snake, real or in picture, to meditate on and see what lightning realizations occur.

We are just past the mid point of winter, spring is on her way. The moment of action is not quite here, but this is the chance to hone our goals, tune in to our unconscious and align with the highest good. With the guidance of aquarius andthe sacred snake, we can move past old ideas, limiting beliefs and awaken a power deep within, a power that, if used authentically, will bring your dreams into striking distance. When the time to act does come, you will not miss with these allies on your side.

Welcome the snake and aquarius in your own way and I wish you a wonderful cycle.




Bekah Finch Turner is a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com

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