Empower Yourself With This Chakra Healing NLP Meditation


I’ve created a new meditation for you that combines both NLP and visualization techniques, and I’m excited to share it.  It’s a little longer than my previous meditations, but I think you’ll find it’s worth the investment of time.

I think we can agree that all of us – every single person on this planet – wants to create a good life.

The only place we get into disagreement is when we start talking about what it MEANS to create a good life for oneself.

Many people believe that money can buy them a good life.  They think, “If I had more money, I could…” and they follow it with a long list of unfulfilled desires.

Some people believe money can buy them things, others believe money can buy them freedom, and yet others see it as a form of power.

In all of these cases, though, it’s not the money that people actually want, but what it can GET them. And even more specifically, it’s about the experience money can get them – and how that experience will make them FEEL.

Think about it.

man driving fast in carIf a man buys a car that he loves, he is buying it for the positive experiences it may give him:  the smooth feeling of powerful acceleration, or of the wind in hair as he drives on an oceanside highway, the look a women may give him when he pulls up in such a sleek and powerful vehicle, a feeling of status among his male friends who would love to have his car, etc.

You get the picture.

He’s buying an experience, because an experience gives him a feeling.

Good experiences and good feelings are what we really seek.

And the good news is this – feelings happen inside of us. Yes, they can be triggered by external things and events, but they don’t have to be.

You can create the feelings you want – without necessarily needing to create the external things you feel you need to get to those particular feelings. This means you have a whole wealth of feelings right at your fingertips at all times.

And interestingly, if you can go to a feeling often enough, it has a power of creation in it that will actually begin to form external things and events that match it. When you feel confident most of the time, you start stepping into projects and activities in a confident way and correspondingly, get succeed more and feel even more confident.

So, yes, you can create some great feelings from the outside-in, like buying that new car and enjoying the experience of it, but you can also simply go to the feeling you want to experience and create it directly through the power of your mind.

In the world of yoga in which I teach, we use visualization a lot. It’s a powerful tool and I’ve used it often. But recently, in my work with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I’ve found an even more powerful tool than visualization – select memory recall.

You see, visualization works for some and not so well for others, because it relies on one’s ability to create a imaginary world out of nothing, whereas memories already exist in full form. Sometimes visualizations are powerful, but sometimes they can feel too vague or removed from “reality” to really inspire us. But memories are specific and real. And we have endless recollections in our subconscious just waiting to be tapped. If we don’t have a specific memory that is exactly what we want to create – like driving in that fast sports car – we do have a powerful facsimile, like the memory of speeding in a video game, or riding on a fast amusement park ride, or being immersed in an action movie from the point of view of the hero racing through the streets (like Steve McQueen in bullet).

Once we conjure up a powerful memory, we can manipulate it with our imagination (adding a little visualization to it) to make it bigger, more vivid, and more inspiring.

I have found that when I walk my clients through a visualization exercise that puts them into a place where they can feel light and happy, I get only slight evidence of happiness (a small smile or a warmth in their cheeks), but if I ask them to remember a time when they were really happy, they immediately blossom from within.  And then, if I ask them to step fully into that memory and see what they saw, feel what they felt and hear what they heard, the sensations – and their reaction – get bigger and better.

Finally, when I ask them to make the memory  more vivid, and panoramic and engulfing, and have them turn up the feelings like they would turn up the volume on a stereo, their whole body sings with feelings of happiness.

So, I’ve begun to incorporate more NLP, memory-recalling techniques into my “visualization” work. And I invite you to do so on your own, at home. It’s an unbelievable powerful, simple tool.

The new Chakra Empowerment Meditation video above is just that – a tool to help you use the power of your memories combined with the creativity of your imagination, and the power of your chakras to assist you in creating the kind of life you desire.

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