Aries New Moon: Lighting The Fire

Bekah Finch TurnerAries New Moon – Wednesday April 10th 1:38 am PST–
It has been so interesting continuing to experience a new moon weeks after the sun has entered the sign. This trend got going last year and it’s really quite wild how some months, even though sun has changed signs, I don’t feel connected to that energy until the moon has moved into it, even if it is not until the end of the solar cycle!Not so with Aries.
The sun moved into Aries on the spring equinox, March 20th, and even though the sun and moon don’t align in cardinal fire until next week, April 10th, Aries’ heat has already been keeping me awake at night.
Perhaps it is because my moon is in Aries, or simply because after such a long, slow winter, my spirit eagerly warmed to Spring’s fires, I am not sure. But I have been feeling consumed by that desire to make change, move forward, begin anew from the moment Aries moved into the sun’s glow.
The coming new moon should only heighten this intensity and as the April full moon and next cycle carry eclipse’s, this does seem like the best time to set intention and become deeply immersed and focused on your path… Because eclipses have a tendency to up the ante, so to speak.

Maybe that is why Aries and ruler Mars are fighting so fiercely for our attention. They know we need their powers of initiation to make it through quite a transformational spring.So how are you feeling? Inspired, energized, passionate, filled with fiery spirit? Or perhaps edgy, anxious, quick to anger, frustrated, impatient? These are the two sides of Aries. More likely you are experiencing a bit of both, as I am. The trick with Aries is to keep the flame contained, strong enough to keep you warm , happy, committed, not so low you burn out, or so high you harm others.
Of the three fire signs, think of Aries like lighting a candle. A strong, focused flame set purely for your prayer and intention. Never try to put another flame out, but allow yours to live within you, guiding you, leading you, filling you with purpose.Meditate on fire on this new moon. Light a candle with intent, place it in front of you. Hold the flame in your gaze as long as you can, allowing tears to purify you from any old energy, or any of Aries negative heat. Once your eyes tear, close them and hold the image of the flame in your third eye. Pull it down into your heart, your belly, down into your roots. Do this as many times as you need to to get clear, focused, purified and consumed by your sacred flame and your true purpose at this time. Work with candles often this cycle, they help keep Aries balanced and authentic.
Fire and heat are transformative. They change the form of the elements they affect, sending energy into the atmosphere and creating something new. Wherever you find yourself when the sun and moon come together in luminous Aries, be sure to take some time to light the flame and welcome your spirit.


Bekah Finch Turner is a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com


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