Open Your Crown by Embracing These Shadow Qualities


Hello Beautiful Soul, We are now on the last video of our Chakra Shadow Qualities Series and we’re looking at the crown characteristics. Click on the video above to watch now.

If you haven’t seen the other video articles in this series, they will greatly add to your understanding of this one, so please check them out here:

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If you are wondering what the benefit of embracing “negative” shadow qualities is, please make sure to watch at least the intro video and root chakra videos above.

Basically, every bit of you is comprised of Divine Consciousness. This means you are everything (because the Divine is). You have every potentiality within you.

But, unfortunately, we are all socialized to reject many seemingly unsocial parts of ourselves. We accept this conditioning because we want to be loved and fit in.

Unfortunately, it causes us to subconsciously put pieces of ourselves and our energy in a locked closet. And because energy has to move, this suppressed energy within us finds sneaky ways to express itself subconsciously.

Doing shadow integration work allows you to own back ALL of yourself so you can genuinely love yourself and others unconditionally — warts and all.

It also frees up lots of energy that you’re using to try and “not be” certain qualities. As Divine Energy, you are everything. If you accept that, then you can consciously choose what parts of you you want to express in each moment. Conversely, if you don’t accept all of you, then the rejected parts will have a subconscious life of their own and will sometimes control you — often at very inconvenient times (lol).

In the past couple weeks, we’ve been in the upper, more spiritually-oriented chakras of the throat and the third eye, so the “negative” shadow qualities I’ve mentioned have come not from having too much of the energy of these chakras (as is the case with the lower chakras), but of having too little of their energy.

For the crown chakra though, if I name qualities that are representative of too little energy here, I will simply be repeating the root chakra shadow qualities, since the root and crown are opposites.

For this reason, I’ve chosen to name crown chakra shadow qualities that can occur when one has too much crown chakra energy without the needed balancing energy from the other chakras — especially the root.

At this time on the planet, our collective energy is ascending quite quickly. Babies are being born into the world with spiritual and psychic (upper chakra) abilities now. We call them Indigo or Rainbow Children, or even sometimes, just empaths or “highly sensitive.”

These children — and many of us who are very attuned to the high frequency ascension energy pervading the planet right now — really need the balancing energy of the lower chakras, especially the root.

So this list week’s list contains the qualities that naturally arise when one is way up in the crown chakra while lacking connection to Mother Earth and 3D reality.

On this list, point out the gift of each shadow quality just to the right of it. See if you can embrace the gift of each shadow quality. It’s an easy, effective way to begin integrating these parts of your self/energy field.

Here are 5 Shadow Qualities of the Crown Chakra (plus their gifts):

  1. God Complex (Gift = Awareness of Your Divine Nature)
  2. Unrealistic (Gift = Faith & Possibility for Miracles)
  3. Spiritual Martyr (Gift = Sacred Devotion)
  4. Possessed (Gift = Surrending Will/Serving Higher Power)
  5. Renunciant (Gift = Living Outside Societal “Boxes”)

To integrate these qualities, work with these five shadow healing methods:

  1. Find the gift of each chakra quality. What does each shadow quality give you?
  2. Tap on each shadow quality. You can watch my video on tapping to heal your throat chakra to learn the simple and powerful EFT technique.
  3. Elicit memories of times you’ve embodied each chakra shadow quality.
  4. Love yourself (as a child or adult) when you’ve embodied each quality.
  5. Take back your shadow projections. One easy way is to fill out Byron Katie’s Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet and then do the work.

Remember, I’ve only listed what I feel are the top 5 crown chakra shadow qualities and integration methods here. This is not exhaustive by any means, so please feel free to add some of your own here on my youtube page (it’s the best forum for making comments and asking questions).

Good for you for going on this deep shadow journey with me!

Much love,


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  • September 6, 2018

    hi beautiful Vicky howie…thanks for the awesome trip thru those beautiful countrys’ and landscapes oh ya and the fun shadow journeys’ guess Ill have to double tap on this crown chakra .I think Mary-wanna keeps growling like a bear at my neighbours oh well love you Vicky Howie,,,

  • September 9, 2018


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