Try This Sedona Vortex Meditation for Grounding and Aligning


Hello Beautiful Soul, After all our deep diving into the shadow of the chakras  for the past few weeks I’ve decided to share a light and easy meditation. I was hiking on one of my favorite Vortex Trails here in Sedona, Arizona where I live and pulled out my trusty iphone to capture it all for you.

The vortex is Boynton Canyon and the trail is Doe Mesa. Watch it and tap into the vibrant, yet relaxing red rock energy of Sedona (root and sacral chakras!).

This is an active meditation that will help you align your chakras.

As you do it, keep these simple things in mind:

  1. The quickest and easiest way to balance and align your chakras is to simply envision them along the vertical axis of your spine. Why? Because:
  2. Your thoughts and attention steer your energy. As surely as the steering wheel of a car moves the car right, left, forward, or back, your active focus tells your energy where to go. By simply seeing it aligned, we align it.
  3. As you repeatedly envision (steer!) your energy into the same vertical alignment, you train it to reside there — in the place of best balance and maximum flow.

As a hypnotherapist, I can always do deeper meditations where I add music and put you into a trance, but honestly,  I think these active meditative exercises are ultimately more powerful, because they train your body to draw your chakras into alignment and to host this more powerful energy configuration.

The bottom line is this: a little energetic investment every day in meditative exercises like this creates more freedom for life.

Good for you for doing this work!

Love and blessings,


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  • September 13, 2018

    As a strong grounding chakra person I loved this meditation. I loved the scenery, the visualization and the Canyon in all its expansiveness. The energy was strong and beautiful. I would love to go deeper into a trance with this meditation. For now I will practice this beautiful meditation daily. Thank you and much love to you Vicki.

  • stuart
    September 13, 2018

    wow..looking beautiful in Arizona Sunshine Vicky Howie…awesome Meditation..bless you….

  • Ruth
    September 15, 2018

    Blessings to you Vicki! Thankyou for the beautiful Sedona Vortex Meditation. I agree it is so important to understand how to ground ourselves these bombarding high technology times, and especially for those doing spiritual self healing and living a higher vibration life style. You are an inspiration and so knowledgable in your teachings bring insight to understanding the reality of Chakra energy in the physical, mental and spiritual continuity of our health. Again I thank you! I have a question I know is controversial in the spiritual community. Is it important to know which direction the chakras spins? In one pf my chakra aligning meditations I visualize individual chakra spin and color energy filling my body alternatinating the spins starting at base chakra spinning counterclockwise working up to the crown. Some of research shows they all spin the same or its not important. Do you have any information on this topic? Thankyou, Ruth ♡

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