Boost Your Root and Solar Plexus Chakras with A 30-Day Action Plan


third-chakra-punchThere’s an old, false adage that needs to be put to bed. It goes like this, “Knowledge is power.” A more accurate adage would be, “Knowledge is POTENTIAL Power.”

In fact, not only is knowledge not power, but the endless pursuit of it can actually be used as an excuse not to take action. We can say, “I’m not ready to do that, I need to learn more before I start.” We can sit down to write a book, and then get detoured into more and more “research.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am in no way saying knowledge is a bad thing. It’s an awesome thing. We obviously need it – and in conjunction with action – we should continually pursue it throughout our lives. But let’s face it, there are a hell of a lot of knowledgeable people who love to put things off – and that is the opposite of power, because the essence of power is ACTION.

As a Life Coach, the more I work with clients throughout the world, the more I realize that the thing that holds people back the most is the fear of actually taking a step forward. Doubt and lack of commitment can lead to subtle procrastination or even outright avoidance. So  I like to recommend the following. Pick one simple, potentially life-changing action that you can get behind and commit to doing it for 30 days. The action part will boost your solar plexus chakra and the commitment and consistency of doing it 30 days straight will boost your root chakra.

Here’s how you create and complete the perfect 30-Day Action Plan.

1) Pick an action that has life-changing potential and:
a) Is good for you
b) Is slightly challenging (so you won’t get bored)
c) Can be done in 10 minutes or less (so you’ll have time to do it)
d) Is interesting or inspiring to you (so you’ll be motivated)

2) If possible, recruit a 30-Day Action Plan Buddy. It’s always more fun and motivating to do something with friends. And you keep each other accountable.

3) Commit to it publicly – state it on facebook or tell your family or some friends. Commitment just may be the most important part of this process, because you need solid commitment to stick through it on the days when it feels too boring or challenging.

4) Stick with it no matter what!! Make this little 30-Day event, a BIG thing. You are literally training your brain to take action on a consistent basis, and to not give up when little (or big) obstacles appear.

Vicki Howie backbendWe have to practice to be good at any activity – painting, singing, playing baseball, using a hoola hoop, etc. So it should also make sense that practicing taking action will make us better at taking action. As the synapses of our brain learn how to consistently move toward a goal, they literally create grooves – paths in the neural structures of our brain – and that helps us get better and faster at it.

Recently, I committed to doing 10 full backbends every day. I wanted to open my shoulders and my heart chakra, so taking on 10 backbends a day seemed like the perfect 30-Day Action Plan. It started as a 21-Day action plan, and then grew. While some studies show that 21 days supposedly creates a habit, I still feel that 30 days is a little more solid.

I started doing my backbends on June 1, and when I hit Summer Solstice (June 21), I wanted to keep on going.

Here’s how my process has gone down so far. The first two weeks were easy-breezy. But then, I got a supreme challenge. I injured myself pretty badly. My son requested we go roller skating for his birthday, and I was doing pretty darn well – even skating backwards with glee – until a woman behind me faltered and sent her skate into mine. I flew upward, and then BLAM! — landed directly on my sacrum/tailbone on the hardwood floor.

I’m still not doing my regular standing yoga practice or walking very sexy, but I’ve continued to do my daily backbends. Squats and forward folds are painful, but done in a conscious way, back bends are not.

I’ve worked out a way to rest my heart over a block as I slowly push up to my backbends each day. Now, I’m not indicating that you don’t ever quit your Action Plan. If it’s obviously unsafe for any reason, you need to. But I am advocating being deeply committed to your plan. I actually think keeping my heart open during this time has helped me stave off any feelings of minor depression that can come up when you’re forced to significantly change your normal physical routine and deal with unexpected pain or a reduction in range of movement.

The bottom line is this: Practice Taking Action by creating a simple 30-Day Action Plan, and you will become better and better at turning your knowledge into action and real power. As Nike used to say, “Just do it.” Now.

Vicki Howie, MA, CHt is an International Life Coach and Certified Master Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, and the Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos. She can help you break through personal blocks and create the life of your dreams. Find out how you can work with Vicki here. You can quickly boost your third chakra energy, with Chakra Boosters Third Chakra Healing Tattoo. Or boost all of your chakras with this powerful free chakra affirmation meditation.

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