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Super Full Moon in Capicorn ~ Sunday, June 23 @ 4:32 am PDT ~
I was lying in bed at 4am reading about the upcoming cycle. Yes, 4am. No, I have not had my baby yet, but one thing that has remained consistent in this constantly changing journey of pregnancy is that nearly every morning since my first trimester, we wake up between 3 and 5am and generally can’t fall asleep again until after 7am. I muse on many things during these hours, like will this be my son’s regular sleeping schedule? What will he be like? The latter has been on my mind more often, now that we are days or weeks away from birth. This morning, as I read about next Sunday’s full moon, along with all the other line-ups, most of which are outside my realm of truly comprehending and sharing, I could not help but be really excited to see what day my baby will choose to born.

The moment of birth is magical for many reasons, one of which is that at that second, a snap shot of the universe is taken, and unless another baby is born in the exact same place at the exact minute (incredibly rare) that little slice of sky and destiny is yours and yours alone. Some parts of the chart, like rising, change every few minutes, so even twins can have different signs!I have always loved the uniqueness and power of astrology, despite what some critics think. I wouldn’t be surprised if my first action after baby’s birth, rather than post a picture to facebook or something, will be to plug his details into my astrology site!

So, what does this have to do with the Capricorn super full moon? Well, nothing, and everything. Our next full moon, considered super because of it’s closer proximity to the earth, therefore intensifying it’s effects on us, is ruled by Saturn. The slow, steady, heavy, strong armed father time figure. Saturn is the planet we often struggle with (Saturn return stories, anyone?) because he is not interested in playing. As cardinal earth, heralder of winter solstice, Saturn is only concerned that you are physically manifesting what you are born to do. Whereas Cancer, Capricorn’s other half, is the ultimate mother figure, Capricorn is often seen as the strict father, the guy we respect but have difficulty loving because he pushes us hard, demands only the best and is rarely warm and fuzzy. The symbol for Cap is a mountain goat; smart, resourceful, finds his way to the summit every time, but not only don’t you want to butt heads with this guy, he is not the animal known for cuddles.

This full moon comes only three days after the sun enters Cancer, aka Summer Solstice, the climax of the light part of the year. Summer solstice is the longest day, and the start of summer, but paradoxically, from this day on, the light gets shorter until winter solstice. Being both a super moon and in the solstice energy, we are getting a double dose of the dance between divine feminine, Cancer, creator, mother, lover, and divine masculine, Capricorn, destroyer, father, teacher.

Many Saturnian changes are occurring, and some very masculine, patriarchal structures are falling down. The feminine is awakening and the world is changing. Summer solstice is often seen as the marriage between the sun and earth, before the sun sacrifices himself to the winter and the earth births the harvest. We are getting an opportunity for illumination and balance in our selves, as well as our lives, relationships and communities. We all have male and female within, and often it is our personal imbalance that creates the projections we see all around us. Very few of us can live truly, happily and fully if unable to find balance between the inner energies.
This solstice, this full moon, take a look at the relationship between mother and father, male and female, nurturing and teaching, that lives within you. Create ceremony to balance these parts, give them a sacred summer wedding, if you want. Capricorn is our ally, as is Saturn. We need their structure and manifestation just as much as we need Cancer and the moon’s love and receptivity. In order to heal ourselves and keep the current transformations healthy and positive, we must reconcile our own inner mother and father. Regardless of your relationship with biological parents, this cycle holds the key to creating one that feels good, safe, supportive and loving for you and you alone.
I like to write out the qualities I think should be in a woman and man, and then keep that list on my altar or somewhere I can consciously tune in to those attributes. This simple task has brought great changes into my life when I have done it.  I also have written down the negative qualities or stereotypes that often come with each sex and role, acknowledge them and any harm they have done me, then burn and release. I definitely have been thinking a lot about what it means to be a good mom/dad in my early mornings, that’s for sure. Remember, being a super moon and solstice, everything we do is super charged!

While we are past the spring eclipse cycle, there are still powerful things moving all around us. Each month is a chance to heal something, birth something, change something. The universe gifts us these moments, like the mystical moment of birth, and these celestial celebrations like super moons, to show us not only how special we are but how we are also connected to everything and everyone. We may be on our separate journeys, but Saturn and the Moon pull us all, in whatever direction we need to go to fulfill that destiny dictated the moment we take our first breath. The cardinal signs, Capricorn, Cancer, Libra and Aries, are the cycles where initiation occurs, the seasons change and we have great possibility to step into our unique birthrights.

I have no way of knowing which moment my son will choose to come in during this cycle, what his destiny will be or how these energies will push and pull him along his path, but I do know we all have some pretty powerful chances in the next couple of weeks to move closer to our own divinity and marry the masculine to the feminine, receive wisdom from Saturn and Moon and honor the climax of another year.
Many blessings,
Bekah Finch Turner is a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com

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