Starting Over — My Big Skydive & Chakra Life Cycle Transition



I was all jazzed up to take make my 50th birthday skydive a few days before my birthday (it had to happen that way as I was on a short cruise ON my actual birthday) and then, the jump got cancelled due to high winds.

They moved it to the following Saturday, and that was fine with me as I wasn’t particularly looking forward to big winds stranding me on somebody’s roof — and the landing strip DID end up being pretty close to some roofs!

Anyway, I did it!  And I have a video (above) of it too (please LIKE it on youtube), so you can share the experience with me.  I actually think the video is the best way to enjoy it, because the experience itself was exciting, but also, pretty uncomfortable in a lot of physical ways.

Yes, it was a joyous experience to soar and fly and see the patchwork quilt of land spreading out below us, but it was also more flippity-flopping than my stomach had ever experienced, and my thighs were not happy at all with the harness that squeezed through my too-soft pants (tip for newbies – wear heavy jeans!)

I’m glad I did it, though. I still think it was the perfect way to commemorate the transition from my highest Chakra Life Cycle (7-7) to my lowest one (0-0).  It’s just happened to be a lot rougher than I thought it would be.

Dan, my guide was quite the hot-dogger – ours was his 3728th jump (at only 26 years of age!) —  and I found the backflips and loop-de-loops we did more disconcerting than the scariest ride at Magic Mountain.

I had this image that the jump would be all floaty and sweet on the way down, and the truth is, it was a strange mix of opposite sensations – a feeling of exhilarating freedom  coupled with extreme nausea, and the most awesome sky view ever, juxtaposed with the sensation of a harness pinching my thighs.

I genuinely thought, I would be writing that it was the best experience of my life – or at least way up there with the best sex ever or my most amazing Sedona experiences (think helicopter riding low through the rusty red canyons like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars!) – but it wasn’t. And I always share my truth with you here.

Still, it was fitting. Afterall, this transition marks a movement for me from the higher aspects of my energy field (the dreamy, fantasy place) to the more  “real world” realm of mother earth. And boy have I been here since my birthday!

It’s never fun to talk about this stuff. In fact, I’m surprised if you’re still reading. We all want to hear about how fantastic fantastical things are, and we want to believe that big events are always BIG and awesome.

But the truth is that important transitions are often very uncomfortable. When we grow, our energy shifts and we usually experience some aspect of a “healing crisis.” This means, before the new “good phase” settles in, we go through an icky phase of side effects or unpleasantness that is a result of the shift in process.

For me, right now, I’m feeling tired and nauseous a lot.  Since the first chakra is all about tamasic, gravity-bound energy, it makes total sense. I’m not loving it, but I’m accepting it and believe it’s part of a larger process of growth.

Whenever I’m going through a healing crisis and I’m feeling a wee bit sad or sorry for myself, I just remember the little caterpillar.  Imagine what the caterpillar has to go through to become a butterfly!!! If catepillars had to sign up to become butterflies — and they got debriefed on what they were in for — I don’t think there would be many volunteers. Lucky for them, change is built right into their biology. They get compelled to build a cocoon and instinctually climb right in. Do they even know they’re going to become primordial soup and turn into something utterly and unfathomably different?

We humans have the blessed and unfortunate gift of awareness. We don’t do things purely by instinct, which means we get to step into our development or step away from it at any point in time. Personally, I have learned to trust the process more and more over the years. It may not be fun, but it’s always worth it — and it’s always leading to  expansion.

So what is my this transition of lower frequency energy, tiredness and nausea giving me?  It’s forging a stronger relationship with the earth and “reality.” It’s inciting me to organize and create a better foundation so I can serve more people in a better way (I’m redoing the whole website from the ground up right now), and it’s teaching me to relaaaaaaaax. My first chakra tattoo began this process for me almost four years ago and now, it seems, I have truly LANDED.

Please feel free to share your experience. Have you had a “healing crisis?” Are you transitioning through one of  your major Chakra Life Cycles (ages 28-29, 35-36, 42-43, 49-50 – the biggy – 56-57, 63-64, 70-71…)?

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