Three Simple Ways To Balance Your Chakras With Sound


Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ are an excellent visual chakra healing tool, and they work very well on their own.  Still, you might want to add a sound element while wearing them to create an even more holistic healing.

There are three very simple ways you can use sound to boost and balance your chakras.  The easiest option is to just say the Sanskrit name of each chakra. The name of each chakra carries its energy.  Here are the Sanskrit chakra names and their meanings (as well as my best attempt to give you the phonetics):

First (root) – Muladhara – (moo-lah-dar-ah) – root support

Second (sacral) – Svadisthana (svah-dee-stahn-uh)– one’s own place

Third (solar plexus) – Manipura – (mon-ee-poer-uh) – lustrous gem

Fourth (heart) – Anahata – (on-uh-hat-uh) – unstruck sound

Fifth (throat) –  Vissudha – (vis-shoe-duh) – purity

Sixth (brow) – Ajna – (ah-juh-na) – command

Seventh (crown) – Sahasrara (sah-has-rah-rah) – thousand-spoked


The second option for chakra sound healing is to chant the seed sounds for each chakra.  These are:

First (root) – Lam

Second (sacral) – Vam

Third (solar plexus) – Ram

Fourth (heart) – Yam

Fifth (throat) – Ham

Sixth (brow) – Om

Seventh (crown) – Silence

Yogi and performer, MC Yogi, does a great beatbox version of these sounds.


The third option for balancing your chakras with sound is to sing or listen to the musical notes associated with each chakra. This is simple enough, since it’s basically the musical scale, starting at C:

First (root) – C

Second (sacral) – D

Third (solar plexus) – E

Fourth (heart) – F

Fifth (throat) – G

Sixth (brow) – A

Seventh (crown) – B

Sound Essence has a lovely diagram on their home page that let’s you “play” the notes on the figure of a body.  Click here to play (beware it can be surprisingly addicting).

So now, you can wear my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ and do chakra sound healing at the same time.  On another post, we’ll explore adding aromatherapy for an even richer experience.  Enjoy!


  • Victor
    February 17, 2012

    Great article and I am grateful for the link to Sound Essence; that is fun to do!

    As I was reading the blog I thought about mudras as tools to help balance our chakras. Here is a nice YouTube tutorial to guide anyone that is interested:



  • Vicki
    February 18, 2012

    Yes, mudras are good — especially if you are tactile/kinesthetic by nature. Thanks for sharing Victor.

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