Listen To Your Heart


I believe the word HEART contains the word HEAR because we’re supposed to listen to it.

What is your heart saying to you?

Are you listening?

This week, try my quick two-minute, daily heart check-in.

When you wake up, sit on the edge of your bed, plant both feet firmly on the floor, put both hands on your heart center, and listen.  With your inner voice, ask your heart, “What do you want to tell me?”  And then, just listen, with no specific question or agenda, let your heart have “the floor.”

If you haven’t been listening to your heart in a while, it may be a little shy to “speak” at first – like a child who has been repeatedly told to “be quiet.”  But if you are persistent, compassionate, and respectful, your heart will open it’s voice and –eventually— even sing.

May you have a beautiful Valentine’s Day and a wonderfully heart-centered week!


  • julieta
    August 11, 2012

    that was beautiful! i am defenitely going to try it 😉

  • Vicki
    August 11, 2012

    Great Julieta, thanks for commenting! Warm blessings, Vicki

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