Taurus Full Moon Wants You To Rest, Heal & Pray


bekah finch turner moon astrologyTaurus Full Moon ~ November 17, 2013 ~ 7:16 am PST

As I write this, I am on day 4 of a seasonal cold. I am not happy to be home sick. I was quite mad about it, to be honest. After all, I spent the better part of three months in bed last year, enough for a lifetime in my opinion. Plus, since having my baby, I have been working so hard to be as healthy as I possibly can.

Granted, I am a pretty healthy person anyway, but since pregnancy, I have been in charge of the health of two bodies, and so I have upped my regular regimens. I take my greens, omegas, probiotics, herbs and multi-vitamins;  I limit dairy, sugar and gluten. I walk daily, get natural sunshine and pay frequent visits to the chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist and of course, my yoga and ritual practice.

SO WHY AM I SICK?????????

Well, you see, the body, no matter how healthy it is, can only take so much. It has limits and boundaries that can only be pushed to a certain point.

I may be “super” healthy, but I am human. And I am a human caring for another little human, as well as husband, step- son, dog, snake. I am finishing my degree this year and in the last month, I have returned to work. I have a beautiful life, wonderful family and an amazing job. But yes, there is stress, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I worry about my family, my work, my planet. And I exert every ounce of energy I have to care for all that I love and try to protect it.

And this is nothing compared to some people I know. I know people balancing multiple jobs and multiple kids, living in multiple states, running businesses and traveling weekly. People are getting married, pregnant, having babies, buying houses, getting divorced, dealing with serious illness, following dreams and so many other actions that are part of this human experience.

Not to mention the stress on our environment and our planet, which not only absolutely affects our overall health, but are major factors in it. I am reading about the nightmare of Fukishima, tragedy of the typhoon in the Phillipines, the on-going GMO battle, Polio in Syria and so much more.

When I got sick the other night, I angrily demanded to spirit “why???” and the response I received was “You can’t do anything else right now. You are doing enough.”

This is the message, for me, on the Taurus Full moon.

Taurus is usually the earth goddess of mid-spring, representing the earth at her juiciest, sexiest and most grounded. She revels in the senses, the body and brings fertility and fecundity to all. But not in the shadow of Scorpio, who is running our current cycle. Not after all the eclipses and alignments and squares that 2013 has brought. This is the dark time of year and all mama Taurus wants to do right now… is heal… and rest…

Our earth is powerful and productive. As are we. But she has boundaries and so do we. Most people are not aware of her boundaries, or their own, hence the irreparable damage to our planet and the billions of dollars in pharmaceuticals.

It is time to become present to our weakness. It is time to to accept our fragile, finite humanness and the fragile, finite state of our planet. I am not saying there is no strength or renewal, there absolutely is. But each time we ignore the call to rest, each time we ignore the cry to change our behavior on this planet, we move closer to the place a teacher I know calls, “the point of less return.”

On this full moon, slow down. Or stop completely. Consider your boundaries and set intent to honor them in the year to come… what is your point of less return? And pray. Pray for our earth, the Goddess. Pray for all those struggling in this human existence. We really are all in this together, no one is immune from everything and no one gets out of here alive… I don’t mean to sound depressing. But it is the truth. Scorpio demands truth and this is the message in the mirror today.

Heal. Rest. Pray. Maybe send money to relief efforts in the Phillipines, sign petitions around GMO’s, do ceremony for our oceans and environment. But we have to start with ourselves, as within, so without.

I have no doubt that the earth goddess can heal herself, just as we can heal ourselves. We can also heal each other. Just ask that gorgeous full moon! Ask how you can rest and how you can help. Ask for clarity around your limitations and willingness to set and keep boundaries.

Life is a gift, All of it. Including this part, the part that doesn’t feel good and forces you into bed achy, stuffy and miserable, even when you have a crying baby to tend to. Taurus teaches us about beauty and there is beauty in the “breakdown”; or so the song says. For it is in the breakdown and in the ebb that our true strength is revealed, if we pay attention. This is where the miracles can appear, if we ask for them.

Sending so many healing, loving blessings to you all and our planet.

Blessed Be.


Bekah Finch Turner is a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com

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