Scorpio Full moon & Lunar Eclipse ~ Power’s Potential


bekah finch turnerFull Moon in Scorpio ~ Thursday, April 25 @ 12:57 pm (PDT) —

As the Aries cycle continues to go out with a bang (Boston bombing, Waco explosion, gun legislation struggles) and our three part eclipse vortex moves in, I can’t help but feel nervous about what the next months hold. In fact, it was this very anxiety that had me wide awake and writing before five a.m. today.

Even though the sun is moving into Taurus in the next few days, a sign known for it’s steady, sensual and feminine tendencies, we also approach the full moon in Scorpio, known for her intense and emotional transformations. This energy is heightened by a lunar eclipse. While not a total eclipse, more like a shadow, anytime we experience any eclipsing of sun or moon, something wants to be revealed. As Scorpio’s realm includes power, sex and death, the events of the last week make me wonder what secrets she is ready to tell.

On the other side, Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, is now retrograde , and anytime a planet is in reverse, we see a different side to it. Also, this particular full moon is quite sacred. It is called the Wesak moon and legend says this is the full moon Buddha was born, and may have died, under. Some believe his spirit returns at this time and there is great potential for enlightenment, healing and auspicious events. Plus, we are very close to Beltane, the May 1st holy day that celebrates the climax of spring in all it’s glorious blossoming and fertility. The polarities and possibilities for dark and light are equally strong at this moment.

So, I think, as always, that the potential power of this full moon lies with us. Do we allow the Aries events and Scorpio’s dark side to inspire us towards more destruction, fear, war, violence and death, even under the guise of revealing truth and creating change? Or do we tune into Pluto’s backwards medicine, welcome Taurus, Beltane, our goddess mind and offer ourselves to the light of the Wesak moon, using whatever is shown as an opportunity for compassion, forgiveness and illumination?

Ah, free will is a pesky thing. Especially since under outer planet law, there is no right or wrong, just cause and effect. Planets like Pluto want us to evolve, it is our decision as to what that looks like. Same with an eclipse, they want to end and begin cycles, period.

And yet, the greatest truth of all is, and Buddha knew this, is that we are all connected and nothing is more powerful than unity. The more of us that choose the loving side of this full moon, and the eclipse time in general, the greater our chances are of experiencing a harmonious global shift. Eclipses bring big things and we are ripe for some major changes. The power is here and it is potent, palpable and attainable.

Under this full moon, Choose your power and what you want to do with it.

I highly recommend spending time in meditation, trance and ceremony next week. Eclipse energy is strongest in the two days right before, and three days after the eclipse, so anytime Tuesday to Sunday, this power is available.

Work with the element of water, take purifying baths and showers, visit the spa or hold your rituals and offer prayers over water of any kind. If you work with Buddhist deities or techniques, this is an ideal time to practice with them as well.

I wish us all a beautiful, blessed full moon. May we stand in our power, letting it fill us with illumination and healing and may we combine these powers with the holy Wesak waves to benefit all beings in all realms.

On shanti shanti shantihi,


Bekah Finch Turner is a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com

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    May 21, 2013

    Love your website. Its really cool

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