Things Are Always Changing — Life is A Process Of Becoming More YOU


Welcome to the new face of Chakra Boosters. If you haven’t been here before, then it probably doesn’t look like a new face, but it is. This is chakraboosters.com’s third website incarnation, and the first, I think, to capture the tantric philosophy that moves through everything we do.

The first website we created was extremely simple. It only had a few pages and a very limited design. The second site offered a lot more content, but lacked in expressing my unique, tantric take on the chakras and this one is the third version. It has video, a bigger free gift, more information, more social media connectivity and coming soon – our original healing music!

volcano-lightning-palm-tree-desktop-background-164163Looking at this shinier, more user-friendly, version of my website, I realize that sometime in the future, this too, will look dated or at least limiting. And that’s not a bad thing. Actually, it’s a good thing; evidence that everything progresses — especially us.

The most important thing I’m trying to say here is LIFE IS A PROCESS. One that never stops, right? It ain’t over til it’s over, and most of us don’t really want it to be.

So life’s a long journey of growth. We do the best we can at any moment, then gather more heart, courage, and spirit and begin to do it a little better. Then we trump that, and then we trump THAT. Now, what “better” means varies from person-to-person, but I’m referring here to the specific process of our unique unfolding.

Inside each and every one of us is a purpose gradually being revealed. We’re all seeds of a certain kind. All we can hope to do is become more and more the thing that we truly are at essence. A palm seed does not turn into an oak tree and an oak seed does not turn into a palm tree. Lucky for trees, I guess. They don’t have a lot of options.

It’s a little more confusing for us humans. We can choose whatever we want to be, and yet we often have a lot of people around us who have a pretty adamant concept of what they think we ought to be.

Still, I believe we have a little seed inside of us. If we nurture it, we will experience the deep joy of becoming our unique Self, and this, I think, is the purpose of life – BE YOU. Do what you came here to do. And keep getting better at it (oh, and have a hell of a time doing it!).

So, welcome to the new Chakra Boosters website. I think it’s a little better than the previous ones, and will be getting even better soon, as we add our healing music and keep on unfolding and progressing… with you.

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