Open Your Crown with This Seed “Sound” and “Movement” (Part 7 in a Series)


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Welcome to the final video of this series where I walk you through the seed sounds (simple sanskrit one-word mantras) for each chakra and add a few movements to boost each chakra.

If you haven’t yet seen the other videos of this series here they are:

Root Chakra Seed Sound & Simple Movement for More Grounding, Stability & Prosperity

Sacral Chakra Seed Sound & Simple Movement for More Sensuality, Creativity & Ease

Solar Plexus Chakra Seed Sound & Simple Movement for More Energy, Confidence & Clarity

Heart Chakra Seed Sound & Simple Movement for More Forgiveness, Gratitude & Love

Throat Chakra Seed Sound & Simple Movement for More Truth, Authenticity & Purpose

Third Eye Chakra Seed Sound & Simple Movement for More Intuition, ESP & Insight

Each video is five minutes or less, so you can create a half-hour, full-chakra workout by watching them sequentially.

This week’s video opens your crown chakra that resides right above the top of your head. This chakra is your connection to the Divine and all that is. When open it makes you feel blissful and totally “online” with God/the Universe/or whatever you call your Higher Power.

I’m going to confess right up front that this week’s video seems like a bit of a cheat, because the “seed sound” of the crown chakra is actually no sound. And the “movement” for the crown is actually no movement.

Silence and stillness are the way to open your spiritual nature.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

So this week, I’d like you to tap into silence and stillness for at least 7 minutes a day. You can do that, right? Even in our digitally-saturated, go-go-go world, we can be totally still and quiet for 7 minutes.

The thing that makes this kind of meditation easy for me is to wear my very favorite earplugs that are made of beeswax and lanolin. For me, they are infinitely better than the foam kind (no I’m not an affiliate, but you can find them here), and they make me feel like I am literally shutting the door on the outside world. Once I put them in, my breath sounds like a beautiful, ocean tide, and it lulls me into a meditative state.

The next logical question is — are you in need of opening your Crown Chakra? Find out by watching this video post: 7 Signs Your Crown Chakra Is Weak (and How to Boost It)

When you want a break from the silence, you can watch and listen to this Music Meditation for Opening Your Crown Chakra. And here’s a video post on The 5 Best Ways to Open Your Crown Chakra.

May you know your own true Divine nature.

Love and blessings,


Vicki Howie is an Empath, Life Coach, and Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™. Her new book, The Key to the Chakras is now on sale on Amazon.com.  Vicki can help you tap into your personal roadmap for success – the chakras that reside within you. Grab your FREE copy of her Chakra Empowerment Course or a FREE copy of her Heart Chakra Healing Song or find out more about her Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ here. Love and blessings.


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