Aquarius Full Moon & Lunar Lammas – August 2 – Receive & Release


Hi Everyone, this is Vicki. I’m super excited to introduce my first ever Chakra Boosters Guest Blogger, Bekah Turner.  Bekah is a Shamanic Healer, Yoga Instructor and Ordained Minister who has a gift for interpreting the phases and influences of the moon in a way that reaches deeply into the psyche. She will be sharing her powerful insights bi-weekly — for every full and new moon — to help you become more aware of the way you interact with the transformational phases of the moon. Enjoy!

Welcome to our second unusual new moon/full moon pairing. Normally, the Aquarius full moon balances the fixed fire energy of Leo, but thanks to that 2nd Gemini new moon, Aquarius is aligning with Great Nurturing Mama Cancer. In the middle of Mercury retrograde, on the tail end of intense solar flares, and falling almost exactly on the cross quarter holy day, Lammas, the mutable air full moon might be just the right sign to remind us of our universal relationships and responsibilities.

Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh, symbolizes the first harvest. The summer crops have come to fruition and it is time to start reaping what we have sown. The first crop, traditionally, was wheat or grain, and most cultures were very glad when this day came, because last year’s stores are usually barren and needing to be filled. It is the counter point on the wheel of the year to Imbolc, falling around February 2nd, where the first milks were made available and we began to sense the coming of Spring. Now, we sense the coming of fall and there is both gratitude and fear setting in as to what the colder season may bring.

Aquarius is fixed air, which confuses people as it’s symbol is “water-bearer” so they presume it is a water sign. Close, though, being fixed, air at it’s most contained, palpable quality. I think of Aquarius as mist, or fog, which has a mysterious nature and can cover the whole country with it’s veil. That is, ultimately, what Aquarius likes to do: bring beings together in an unattached, unconditional, all encompassing way for enlightenment and idealism. Aquarius works with higher energy centers, it is not concerned with physical, material things, but is fixed on showing everyone that they are spiritual beings.Though air energy is generally mental, Aquarius is interested in the high mind, the collective consciousness rather than the individual mind.

It is interesting having such a mental sign during the extremely emotional Cancer cycle. But I think it is rather profound to bring these two together and recognize the relationship between them. For Aquarius’ ideals to be sustainable, they need to be rooted in deep love, affection for home and family and an appreciation of life’s juiciness. I also find it fascinating that Lammas is being celebrated under Aquarius’s mist, perhaps this will remind all of us that no mater how hard we have worked, there are still those in need, and we can be of service to them at this time, especially if we are reaping well.

Our ancestors used to sacrifice a portion of their crop back to the earth as an offering to their deities to thank them for the harvest, but to me, it also symbolizes the idea that, if you want to truly absorb something, you have to be willing to give it away. Once you are full, you have to empty, so that you can fill again. Lammas is a powerful time to meditate on the pulsation of receiving and releasing as both Cancerian nurturing and Aquarian non-attachment.

Aquarius can affect our minds with her mist, helping us to remember that we are not alone on this planet, and that everything we do can benefit other beings, or harm them. She shows us not to be attached to the material world, to recognize our spirits and that all spirit is connected. We come out of our own self absorption and focus on service and community

Cancer keeps us connected to the feminine, to our homes and loved ones, continuing to whisper that we need to honor love, gratitude and the flow of nature. She won’t allow us to forget our humaness, but can deepen the emotional connection we have to each other, keeping us from being too detached or airy.

And Lammas, as a physical shift of the wheel, brings it all together, the emotional, personally invested feeling of bringing goals to fruition, the joy of sharing our triumphs and the very humble spiritual quality of acknowedging that everything changes, winter will come, and we each need to do our parts to take care of the tribe, as well as recognize the gifts spirit has given us this summer season.

Keep an open mind, and an open heart, at this full moon. As we move towards the darker side of the year, our commitment to both receiving and releasing is what will keep us willing, humble, present and kind to ourselves and others.  Embrace your feelings, because it keeps you human,  seek out a higher consciousness, because it allows you connect to all beings, and appreciate fully all the gifts in your life right now,  for this cycle, too, shall pass.

Have a beautiful full moon and Lammas~



Bekah Turner is a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com


  • Barbara
    August 6, 2012

    could you let me know how long Mercury will be retrograde for? I am a gemini and affected by Mercury so I am having trouble getting money from people that they owe me

  • flicka
    August 6, 2012

    Really nice interpretation

  • Vicki
    August 6, 2012

    Yes, I love Bekah’s take on moon phases and am looking forward to sharing her writing twice a month — for each new moon and full moon. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Blessings, Vicki

  • Vicki
    August 6, 2012

    Hi Barbara, I am no astrologer — as this is a guest column — but I do happen to know that Mercury is coming out of retrograde in the early morning hours this Wednesday, Aug. 8. Once it goes direct though, there is a period of where it’s energy persists to a certain degree (a couple weeks). I might suggest doing Ho’Oponopono for all the folks that owe you money. It’s described in this blog post about the right of the fourth chakra: to love. http://www.chakraboosters.com/the-right-of-your-fourth-chakra-to-love/ Enjoy! Blessings, Vicki

  • Kim
    August 8, 2012

    Thank you for adding Bekah’s blog to your website. Since I celebrate the full & new moons, I’m sure her insights & interpretations will expand and augment my intentions & rituals as I celebrate the moon phases.

  • Vicki
    August 8, 2012

    I am so excited to be offering Bekah’s insights. I have been following her by email for a few years now, and I consider it a great honor that she is sharing her wisdom on Chakra Boosters. Her next new moon post is coming very soon. Keep an eye out! Warm Blessings, Vicki

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