11 Ways To Boost Your Sacral Chakra


We are such a workaholic society, that sometimes we can go days without truly honoring our second, or sacral chakra. It’s orange and it’s the home of our sensuality, playfulness, and ease. It’s the place from which we feel, rather than think. It’s our pleasure center; the big “Ahhhhh” in our body.

If we work a lot, a robust second chakra can balance our workload and put us into a more joyful healing space. So, today, I’m going to share 10 ways to help you boost your second chakra (plus a video where I share one clients experience with wearing my Second Chakra Healing Tattoo). Please commit to doing at least three in the next three days.

Here’s How To Put More Va-Voom Into Your Sacral Chakra:

1. Get a Swedish massage.

Notice I did not say Shiatsu. You don’t want anybody poking and prodding you. Unless of course, you find that extremely pleasurable and delicious. My recommendation is a soft, deep, flowing Swedish massage, with some aromatherapy as well.

2. Play with a kid. Or if no kids are around, grab a hula hoop and play on your own!

Playing with a kid will put you into your second chakra faster than anything. Kids are the pure embodiment of the playful energy of the second chakra. Focus on imagination games or highly physical ones like jump rope and hopscotch (cause you’re never too old to hopscotch!).

3. Eat or drink, orange sensual foods. Oranges and mangos are two excellent choices.

Chocolate is excellent too. It stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain that immediately put you into that yummy, second chakra zone.

4. Take a luxurious, hot bath.

Alone or with a partner. Make it an event. Take Your time. Use candles and delicious scents.

5. Get emotional.

Our busy day-to-day lives and our tendency to honor what we believe to be proper social decorum means we are usually stuffing our emotions pretty regularly. Built up emotional energy is never a good thing. So put some time aside to really allow yourself to feel. Tap inward and give yourself permission to feel and release whatever is there. Cry, scream, or just laugh aloud for no reason. Laughing is physiologically good for you! If you can’t laugh at will, then pull up some silly cat video on youtube and have a hearty chuckle.

6. Wear A Second Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoo.

The tattoo is designed to boost your sacral energy – with it’s orange color, crescent moon, circular graphics, and sankrit symbol for the name of the name of the second chakra, it’s creates some powerful Divine Feminine energy. One client from Australia wrote me with an unsolicited story about how she picked up her paint brushes after a 26 year hiatus.

7. Dance, especially in a sensual way, like belly dancing or pole dancing.

Google one of them, find a local class, and try it out. Why not?! You’ll definitely feel sexier and more alive afterward.

8. Wear orange, especially a soft, flowing fabric.

Silk or faux fur are good. Just choose what feels best.

9. Draw or paint.

Or engage in any creative, artsy-craftsy thing at all. All forms of creative art stimulate the second chakra. Just make sure you color outside the lines (if there are any).

10. Enjoy a sensory deprivation tank.

Ironically, one way to feel more is to feel nothing for a while. Floating in a sensory deprivation tank is so womb-like and water-oriented that it may be one of the most quintessential sacral chakra activities. And when you get out of the tank, you will feel everything and be more fully in your body.

11. Make love.

Take time to really truly connect with your partner. Before you even begin, talk about a few of the best times you’ve ever shared sexually. If you set the intention, this talking about your best memories will actually put you in the state of those times and increase the possibility of having another really great connection. Set aside the proper amount of time for it to be leisurely and deeply enjoyable. And if you don’t have a partner, make love with yourself. You know what you like better than anyone else.

Have you got more ideas on how to boost your second chakra? Please add them to the comments section below, so everyone can benefit. Also, if you wish to purchase some Sacral Chakra Healing Tattoos, you can do it here. Enjoy!

Love, joy and blessings,


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