Truth Is A River


I was doing some of my winter cleaning and downsizing today when I came across a poem I wrote a longggggg time ago.  I was amazed at how much it still resonated with me.  I hope it does with you too.  I won’t tell you what’s it’s about, because it might mean something different to you.  Enjoy!

Truth Is A River  by Vicki Howie

Riding the waves of a sea green rug,

I swam in total truth;

Soft and fuzzy, yet stiff and prickly,

I remembered it from youth


When there were no contradictions,

As now there still are none,

Except the ones that we create,

When we block the river’s run.


Like some kind of useless dam,

We fight the water’s flow,

For fear of what might happen,

If we trust and just let go.


If we dare to let life lead us,

We’d better know the way,

Than when we push our rigid plans

On a Universe at play.


I learned this from my sea rug,

When my ego would allow,

And truth whispered in my soul:

Man made tomorrow;

God created Now.

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