Happy Chinese New Year – Embrace Your Inner Dragon


Happy Chinese New Year and welcome to the Year of the Dragon – a year of boldness, audacity and courage. It’s a far cry from last year’s timid and sensitive rabbit, so get ready for a huge shift.

It may feel like a stretch at first, but stepping into dragon energy will allow you to fully inhabit your lower four chakras. So let’s take a tour of how embracing your “inner dragon” can strengthen your earth, water, fire and air elements. Here we go:

First Chakra (Earth) – The dragon is big, heavy and well-grounded. Despite being the only mythical “animal” in Chinese astrology, the dragon carries a large dose of earth energy. So imagine what it would feel like to have that much heft. Make each step you take well-founded and deeply grounded. Leave substantive footprints everywhere you go.

Second Chakra (Water) – Even while being a massive creature, the dragon has curves and fluidity, making it flexible and adaptable. It’s reminds me of a magnified version of the beautiful seahorse, curvy and sensual. Yes, the dragon is about earth and standing your ground (the Divine Masculine) but it’s also about bending and yielding when it is wise – or just pleasurable — to do so (the Divine Feminine).

Third Chakra (Fire) – Clearly fire is the number one quality of the dragon. It has the capacity to BREATHE fire, and to barbecue its enemies without toasting it’s own toes. Now, that’s supreme power! So the main lesson you can learn from this exquisite creature is how to channel your fire. The dragon doesn’t just burn everything in its path every time it opens its mouth. No, it understands the power of its fire, and it chooses (making choices is a key aspect of the third chakra) when and where to use its flame. You can do the same.

Fourth Chakra (Air) – Despite being heavy, curvy and fiery, the dragon can still fly. What an accomplishment! And if you emulate this beautiful creature, you can too! The dragon’s lovely (and very functional) wings attach to the back of its heart chakra which is perfect symbolism, because when you remember to open your heart chakra and feel the love radiating within you, you can fly.

Fifth Chakra (Sound) – The dragon’s fire comes from it’s solar plexus, making a ferocious sound as it come out.  This inspires us to speak our truth from out “gut” with utmost integrity, because when we do, our communications come out powerfully, like the flames of the dragon.

Sixth Chakra (Light)  – The fact that the dragon breathes fire continually reminds us of the searing power of the light (spirit) that we are.  Universal light continually  moves through us.  Also, the sixth chakra is about imagination, and the dragon is a powerful, mythical and magical creature, so just thinking about this flying, fire-breathing creature is a boost to the your ajna chakra where vision and imagination reign supreme.

Throughout 2012, may you fully embrace your inner dragon this year, and boost your bodily chakras in the process!


  • February 8, 2012

    Now this is interesting! I’ve never heard of chakra tattoos, and I think they’re a terrific idea. Also, I’m glad I found this article. My girlfriend and I have just started really getting into the spirit of the Chinese New Year, so I can’t wait to share this blog post with her!

  • Vicki
    February 9, 2012

    Yes, James, not just a terrific idea, but an effective chakra tool — they really work! The 3rd chakra tattoos will really get your girlfriend and you into the mode of the Year of the Dragon. It’s full of fire!!

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