The Right Of Your Seventh Chakra: TO KNOW

Up to now, we’ve covered all the rights of chakras one through six – to have, to feel, to act, to love, to express, to perceive.  And now, we come to the last one – the right of the seventh chakra – TO KNOW.

I think of the seventh chakra differently than the other chakras.  For me, the lower chakras have a pulsing, physical component, they are part of our earthly experience.  Whereas I see the seventh  chakra as more of a “portal” or direct connection to the Divine.

In the seventh chakra, we have the opportunity to experience direct knowing – absolute connection with the pure intelligence of the Cosmos.  Typically, we experience this in short, ephemeral bursts.

We can connect to this feeling more regularly when we meditate or do meditative activities – anything we love doing that is repetitive in some form and can be mastered.  Many athletes and artists report moving into a space of bliss (the Sanskrit word for it is Samadhi) while playing or creating.

When we are in this space, there is a knowing that is unquestionable and effortless. This knowing even goes beyond the intuitive knowing of the sixth chakra.  Whereas the sixth chakra knowing has an equitable, this-world aspect to it (what is fair and balanced), the seventh chakra knowing is literally, the knowing that God has.  The knowing that is silence itself.  The knowing that is all of creation.  The knowing that knows that everything is One.

This is the right of your sahasrara (crown) chakra – to know throughout your whole being the unity of all things.

Ironically, the thing that most gets in the way of this Uber-knowing is the ego-brain’s more limited sense of what it “knows” (that’s why nobody likes a know-it-all!).

Eckhart Tolle brings a lot of great insight to this topic.  His books, “The Power Of Now” and “The New Earth” address how to move beyond the limits of ego-thinking.

And Byron Katie has created a technique called “The Work” that is extremely simple and yet brilliantly effective in getting your limited thoughts and beliefs.

I recommend, doing Katie’s “The Work” or doing meditative practices on a daily basis – especially in this busy, hectic, move-forward culture of ours.  In that silent inner world you’ll discover your right to really KNOW.

2 thoughts on “The Right Of Your Seventh Chakra: TO KNOW”

  1. This makes absolute sense and couldn’t agree more with all of the wonderful things that are happening at this time. What a great time to be alive!

  2. Yes, Jacqui, it IS a very exciting time to be alive! May we all be a conscious part of the big shifts that are possible now. Love and Blessings, Vicki

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