Libra New Moon Invites You to Fully Embrace the Grace in Your Life


bekah finch turner Libra New Moon ~ Tuesday October 13, 2015 @ 2:06 am PDT

The Libra New moon marks the autumnal dance of the divine feminine. Other than the earth, only one other planet is considered “female,” and of course, that would be Venus… who just finished fully dragging us through the underworld on her powerful retrograde cycle that started in the late summer.

But now she is reborn, the morning star, and in one of her two astrological forms, as harmonious and balancing Libra, she emerges as the grace so many of us have been praying for throughout this long year.

Grace is an interesting muse. You can’t make it happen. You can’t compete for it, buy it, or earn it — not real grace anyway. Real grace is the Goddess, in her passionate form as maiden, lover, mother and crone. It is the beauty of Autumn leaves and soft winds. It is the bliss of cool rain after a long drought, the purity of the first fallen snow. It is truly the gift of being alive, with all it’s sweetness and sorrow.

This is the cycle to celebrate the grace in your life. Not only does Venus’ Libra rule the western hemisphere, but in India, this same month honors Navratri (October 13 – 22), the fall festival for Mother Goddess Durga in her sacred forms.

Essentially, the entire planet could use this time to put aside our fears, struggles, desires and simply rejoice in the grace of our magical planet and the Female energy — the Shakti — that infuses everything. Yes, there is loss and destruction, but seen as part of Her dance, it is still a graceful act; especially if you look at it as a whole. There is no creation without destruction, nor destruction without creation, and in those moments between the extremes, we can surrender to the grace of simply being able to live and love in this wild, cyclical world.

Even if you don’t resonate with language like “the goddess,” you can still be open to Her grace. Can you celebrate the beauty in your life? Can you celebrate the deeper meaning of things? The power of birth/death?  Can you humble yourself in the face of your blessings? That is what the Goddess represents.

Libra is seen as the symbol of the scales. We can see these scales simply as a way to measure the light and dark, before they tip for the winter on one hemisphere and summer in another; we can see them as measuring our assets and debits from the year, seeing where we are balance lies as we head towards the waning months. Or, we can see them as the alignment of the Goddess’s faces, her fierce gaze and her lips of blessings, the eyes of the mother/lover, or the eyes of the crone. We can see the grace in each expression, and see how her duality has informed another year of transformation.

We have all done a lot of work, and gone through a lot of sh*t. Take this cycle as a reprieve to sit back and focus on the gifts, the blessings, the little (or many) graces we have been granted; and not because we wanted them, but because She loves us.

Make an altar of flowers, write a gratitude list, sing to the newly waxing moon. Adorn a statue or image of your favorite Goddess figure, make offerings of milk and honey. This is not the time to be in your head, it is the moment to be in your heart. Only in the heart, can Shakti blossom, only in the heart can we truly receive the grace of the Goddess.

Much love and may the blessings of the Goddess in her many sacred forms grace you, your loved ones, and all beings and Mother Earth,


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BekahFinchTurnerBekah Finch Turner is also a regular contributor to chakraboosters.com, home of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™. She is a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com.

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