3 Big Causes of Chakra Weakness


What do you think causes specific chakras to be weak?

Many people believe we’re born a “blank slate,” but the truth is, we aren’t.

Energy never dies, so we carry it across lifetimes. This means we come into this life with tendencies and energies from past-life experiences. That’s why we see child prodigies with incredible talents that can’t be explained in terms of their limited life experience.

And it’s pretty common knowledge that we all carry traits from our ancestors. How many times have we heard, “You get that tendency (or talent) from your grandma (or grandpa)?”

That’s because our bodies carry genetic information. And that information affects our energy field.

In the video above I talk about these kinds of chakra influences. I even mention an interesting study that shows how you could be carry some of your ancestors fears in your body right now.

Crazy, huh?

Finally and probably most obviously, our childhood experiences from womb to age seven shape us energetically. During this period (our root chakra life cycle), we’re setting down the foundation for each of our chakras. In all seven years, we’re developing our root chakra, but in each specific year, our age tells the secondary chakra that is being developed as well.

At age 1, we’re laying down the foundation of our root chakra. By year two, we’re building the foundation of the sacral chakra. At 3, we’re developing our solar plexus chakra. And so on.

When we meet our specific chakra needs in each of these years, our chakras are basically healthy and open. When our chakra needs don’t get met, our chakras tend to be weak later in life – at least until we do healing. You can learn about what these needs are and how to heal your chakras with inner child work in these two videos:

Heal Your Lower Chakras by Tapping Into Your Inner Child’s Needs

Heal Your Upper Chakras by Tapping Into Your Inner Child’s Needs

It’s absolutely essential to ASSESS your chakras. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met with a client who was already too much in their upper or lower chakras and was doing “healing” to boost the very area that was already overactive and ignoring the area that was weaker. When this happens, “healing” is not healing, because it actually makes the situation worse and your chakras LESS balanced.

If you don’t know how to tell if one of your chakras is weak, here are the signs for each of the chakras.

We’re in an age where we now know how to change our energy if we want to. It’s an exciting time. If you feel blocked in any area of your life, you can change it through chakra work. My youtube channel has well over 300 free videos to help you shift in any way you desire.

Be ALL of yourself, Beautiful Soul!

Love and blessings,

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