7 Ways To Fulfill Your Sacral Chakra Need (& Spice Up Your Life Too)


None of us likes to admit it, but the truth is, we humans have needs. We have basic needs, like food, shelter and safety that are related to our survival and we have more complex needs like finding our life purpose and connecting with others as well as our higher selves.

Luckily, we have blueprint of all our most important needs right inside us — in our chakras. Each one of our seven main chakras relates to a different need and knowing these needs and how to fulfill them is a simple (but not easy!) recipe for a deeply fulfilling life.

So, I’ve created a vlog series for you that identifies your seven basic needs – one for each chakra – and seven ways to fulfill each one. Today, we’re looking at the need of your second (aka sacral) chakra. If you missed the first chakra video and article, you can watch it here.

Your sacral chakra is the orange, water-element chakra of your pelvis, and it’s need is VARIETY. If you saw my video for the root chakra, you’re probably area that the needs of your first and second chakras are opposites. In the same way that men and women are so often polar in their priorities, so are the first two chakras. This is because the first chakra is the home of the Divine Masculine and the second chakra is the home of the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Masculine is about protection, stability, and safety. Its element is earth and its need is CERTAINTY, whereas the Divine Feminine is about flow, ease, emotions, movement and change. In a word, the Divine Feminine is about UNCERTAINTY, which becomes (when put in a positive light) VARIETY.

This means that in your two lowest, most embodied chakras, you are experiencing a bit of a tug-o-war. Your first chakra wants safety, stability and routine, whereas your second chakra wants to change, flow and play, play, play!

No wonder men and women are so attracted to each other and so often infuriated by each other! And no wonder, finding true balance within yourself can be such a daunting task.

In my previous post for this series, I suggested seven ways you could boost your first chakra and meet the need of your first chakra. Hopefully, you did those and now we can move onto your second chakra with seven ways to fulfill your need for variety. Here they are.

7 Ways To Fulfill Your 2nd Chakra Need for Variety

1) Dance, wiggle, shake and move in any way you can.

2) Share intimate time with your partner. If you don’t have a partner at this time, go sign up for an event that will pair you with someone, like a local partner yoga or dancing class so you can interact with another. If you want to understand more about how your sacral chakra affects your sex life, read this.

3) Play with kids. Kids are full of spontaneous energy that fuels the variety your second chakra needs. If you don’t have kids to play with, consider volunteering to work with them so you can bring a little stability to their lives and they can bring a little creative juice to yours.

4) Take a course to learn something new. Local community centers and community colleges usually offer some really great, creatively-oriented classes like painting, dancing, photography, ceramics and more. Commit to trying something new and different.

5) Set a weekly, spontaneous date with yourself. Set the date and keep it religiously, but never plan what you’re going to do. Doesn’t that sound delicious? A few hours of “me time” where you indulge your inner child and just do what you feel like doing in the moment.

6) Break a habit. Breaking any habit at all will introduce the energy of variety into your life. Don’t take your usual route to work or the store. Drive another way. Talk in pig-latin for an hour or hop on one leg around the house instead of your usual, boring two-footed walking technique. Your brain will be immediately yanked out of it’s typical routine.

7) Wear my 2nd Chakra Healing Tattoo. With it’s beautiful orange design and it’s crescent moon energy, my sacral chakra tattoo just may make you want to do all of the above. If you think it’s absolutely ludicrous that a tattoo can change your chakra energy, I don’t blame you. It’s a pretty “out there” idea. Still, if you can keep an open mind, I think you’ll enjoy this article about why I created them and this video of why they work.

So far now, we’ve been working on the need of your first chakra — CERTAINTY and the need of your second chakra — VARIETY. Care to guess what the need of your solar plexus chakra is? Find out in my next article. Until then, have fun creating more certainty and variety in your life!

Love and blessings,


Vicki Howie, Chakra ExpertVicki Howie is a Co-Editor of CLN as well as a Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher. She is the host of the Conscious Life Awakened Speaker Series (sign up CLASS for free here). She is also the Creator of world-renowned Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ (now used in 28 countries) and the contemporary healing album “Chakra Love.” Visit her Chakra Abundance website and grab a free copy of her 60 minute abundance audio.

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