7 Simple Ways to Fill The Need of Your Solar Plexus Chakra & Shine

As humans, we have undeniable basic needs. If we ignore these needs, we set up a situation where our subconscious tries to get them met despite our conscious intentions. This means it’s a good idea to know your basic human needs and to get them met, up front, where you can do so consciously.
What are your basic needs? The great life coach, Tiny Robbins outlines six of them, and I agree with all the ones he shares. Still, his model misses our highest, spiritual needs — to know our higher self and to connect with total universal consciousness.
In truth, you have seven major energy centers, and you have one need in each center. I am creating a vlog series that takes you through all of them and gives you seven simple suggestions for how to fulfill each need.
In the video above, I cover the need of your solar plexus chakra. If you haven’t yet seen my previous videos, they are here:
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Generally speaking, the needs start at the most basic (certainty and security at the root) and get more and more complex (with enlightenment or spiritual union with the divine at the crown chakra).
Today, we’re looking at the need of your solar plexus chakra. These need tends to be pretty unpopular with “spiritual” types, because it’s about embracing your ego identity and your unique existence.
The third chakra is the selfish chakra. It’s all about “me” whereas the heart chakra is all about “you.” While heart chakra unity and connection are the answer to both peace of mind and peace on the planet, they are not enough without strong self-worth and value. Each and every one of us must first love and take care of ourselves if we want to be able to love and take care of others.
Because real love blossoms out of a full heart; out of our overflow. It doesn’t bargain or feel needy because it is already whole. To love and care for others fully, we must be strong and self-loving first, so we can them attend to others.
The best example I can give is of the emergency oxygen mask on an airplane. As parents, we are not instructed to put the oxygen mask on our children first, but rather, we are told to put ours on first, so we will then be capable of fully attending to our children and even others.
Your solar chakra plexus is about attending to yourself first so you can then be fully present for others. It’s need is all about honoring and valuing your own importance. The best word to describe the need of your solar plexus chakra is SIGNIFICANCE.
We all need to feel we matter. It’s a deep, primal need. We are all a unique slice of universal consciousness, so we DO matter. That is why children have such a strong need to be seen. When they are very young, they unabashedly, seek you’re attention in everything they do. “Look at me, look at me!” is something most parents here a lot. And what’s key to understand here is that that little kid lives inside of every one of us. That child (your inner child) wants and needs to be seen and heard and to feel that she or he really matters. So, here are some ways you can get in touch with the need of your solar plexus chakra and start increasing your personal power now.

7 Ways to Fulfill the Need of Your Solar Plexus Chakra

1) Celebrate Little Victories
Don’t take anything you do for granted. Every day, celebrate all your little accomplishments. Become your best cheerleader and walk around saying “Yeah!” for the simple things like making the perfect cup of coffee, and the big things like finishing your taxes on time.
2) Do Mirror Exercises With Yourself
Look into the mirror and really SEE yourself; down to your soul. Look past the exterior into your deepest self and say, “You ROCK!” Then feel how it feels to hear that. Make sure to use “you” not “I” so you can experience a sense of the support coming from another – even if that “other” is yourself.
3) Do That “Look Good Thing” You’ve Been Putting Off
We all have one. Maybe we want a dress or a new pair of shoes. Maybe we want to treat ourselves to laser hair removal treatments or a nice pedicure. As a man maybe you want to spend a few extra bucks your rims (yes your car is an extension of your identity) or on a good haircut. In any case, “spiritual” practices often put down these impulses, and I think that is sad. Desiring to look your best is a normal part of being human. Enjoy the fact that you have preferences and indulge in some things that make you feel special.
4) Toot Your Own Horn – With the RIGHT People
I’ll probably get in big trouble for using the word “brag” on my video. Everybody hates a braggart and that’s understandable. Loud, overbearing self-importance is genuinely insufferable. But a little bit of sharing your achievements to the right people is healthy and recommended. The key here is to choose the RIGHT people. You know who they are. They are your cheerleaders. They want you to do succeed in everything you do. Share with those folks (only) and take in their positive reflections. It will help you appreciate your accomplishments even more.
5) Stand Tall & Act Like You’re Somebody
This advice comes straight from Ira, a jovial elderly regular at my gym. You can often hear him coaching the men in the gym to stand up straighter, saying in his robust, supportive way, “Act like you’re somebody!” Ira is right, standing straighter and holding your chest higher does literally help you have more personal power and feel more significant. Try it and see.
6) Acknowledge The Awesomeness of Others
One of the best ways to get more of something you want or need is to give it away. So, making others feel good and significant is a great way to boost your own significance. Shift your perspective from looking for what’s wrong in the world to what’s RIGHT, and start telling people how awesome they are.
7) Wear My Solar Plexus Chakra Booster Healing Tattoo™
When I created my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™, I started with the third chakra because I already had a real root chakra tattoo, and I figured what I needed the most to finish the project was confidence, personal power and the ability to get the job done. I needed to feel I was big enough to finish the mission the universe had handed me. So my son, Dylan, and I designed the 3rd chakra and got it manufactured. I put it on, and it worked (or I wouldn’t be writing this right now). If you don’t know the story of how I created my tattoos, check it out here.
I hope these suggestions help fulfill your solar plexus need for significance, because you matter; you really, REALLY do. You’re the only you in the U-niverse.
vicki howieVicki Howie is the Host of the Conscious Life Awakened Speaker Series (CLASS) and the Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos. Read about her journey to healing and how she created her tattoos here. She offers over 100 free videos on her youtube channel: start with her popular ho’oponopono meditation and try this grounding music video of her root chakra healing song “Muladhara.” Also, get your free Chakra Life Cycle Reading at her website homepage (only works if your computer allows pop ups) or grab a complimentary copy of her heart chakra healing song here.

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