Wednesday’s Cancer New Moon Invites Us to Feel More Deeply


Bekah Finch TurnerNew Moon in Cancer, Wednesday July 15, 2015 @ 6:26 pm PDT

“In owning this pain, and daring to experience it, we learn that our capacity to ‘suffer with’ is the true meaning of compassion. We begin to know the immensity of our heart-mind, and how it helps us to move beyond fear. What had isolated us in private anguish now opens outward and delivers us into wider reaches of our world as lover, world as self.” ~ Joanna Macy

Many of you know that, more often than not, no one is more surprised than me at the messages that come through each time I contemplate the intention of the new and full moon. As I opened myself to Cancer, the only sign ruled by the moon, Siren of the mid-summer, ancient mother, cardinal water, ocean Goddess, I was a little thrown when I heard Joanna Macy (quoted above, and an incredible teacher and peaceful activist) in my head speaking about the power of owning our pain and the pain of the world. Not really the vibe I was hoping for, but as I allowed the words to flow in, like waves off the sea, it did “feel” right. It did not feel “good,” let me be clear, but it felt right, and the discernment between those two energies is something we can only learn through the intuitive, through the honoring of emotion and awareness of what is needed, versus what is wanted.

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Because what I want is to feel good and happy. I want my family to be happy and healthy. I want my friends to be successful and happy. I want war to end and the poor to be fed and the government to be just and to save the polar bears and stop global warming and everyone and everything to live in harmony. But I cannot make any of these things happen, so I just want to go hide in my shell and nurse my pain and perhaps distract myself with something that makes me feel good for a few minutes.

The scenario above is essentially what we all tune into when we open to Cancerian love. Cancer wants to nurture and nourish and be nurtured and nourished and if she can’t, well, then, off into her shell she goes like a cranky crustacean. It is easy to hide our hearts, from our pain and the pain of the world. It is easy to be cut off and to temporarily heal the hurt through instant gratification. But if we really want to experience the power of mama Cancer, if we really want to start to open ourselves to being able to have a real-feeling conversation about how to change our lives and the world, then first, we have to sit with the feelings.

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I am not saying we have to sit around and feel like crap all the time. I am saying that in honor of the new moon we allow the space to feel and feel big together. We set a sacred space, create a safe container, where we can allow the feelings to rise, and allow them to fall. We allow ourselves to speak or write our pain, and to witness, with a wide open heart, the pain of another, without the Cancerian tendency to “fix” it or mute it. We allow ourselves to open to the pain of the world, not just in our little bubble. And we breathe, oh yes, we breathe into it and we allow the pain to break down the walls, boundaries and confines of the inner shells. We allow pain like a tidal wave to knock us out of ego and into each other. We begin to sense the connection between every sentient being on this great blue-green ball in the sky and we hold each other. We hold our pain and we allow it to transform.

“The truth of our inter-existence, made real to us by our pain for the world, helps us see with new eyes. It brings fresh understandings of who we are and how we are related to each other and the universe. We begin to comprehend our own power to change and heal. We strengthen by growing living connections with past and future generations, and our brother and sister species.” ~ Joanna Macy

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We need our safe havens to drop into the truth of our feelings, feel them, be seen and heard, and then be able to move forward with new eyes.

Many blessings and lots of love,

Om Karuna Swaha,


About Bekah Finch Turner

BekahFinchTurnerBekah Finch Turner is also a regular contributor to chakraboosters.com, home of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™. She is a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com.

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  • Plamena
    July 15, 2015

    Wow! What a powerful message. I used to feel like that all the time–the can’t fix it all, just hide in a shell feeling. I’ve really been working on letting myself feel without drowning, and then going on, taking small steps that feel right.

    “We allow pain like a tidal wave to knock us out of ego and into each other.” This is so beautiful, poetic even.

    Thank you for your messages every new and full moon. I always read them.

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