Shift Your First Chakra Now & Turbo Boost Your Abundance


Chakra Boosters Creator, Vick Howie, has created an audio program that brings you fully into the manifesting power of your 1st chakra. This program’s for you if you want to:

  • Increase Your Income
  • Be A Better Money Manager
  • Have More Career Success
  • Readily Manifest Your Desires
  • Release Habitual Anxiety
  • Feel More Grounded & Stable
  • Experience More Vitality
  • Enjoy Your Home Life More

Permanently Release Yourself From Anxiety & Financial Problems

This program’s for you if you suffer from any of these symptoms of a weak first chakra:

  • Insufficient Income
  • Poor Money Management
  • “Spaciness” & Indecision
  • Chronic Instability
  • Career Failure or Lack of Progress
  • Poor General Health
  • Constant Anxiety & Fear
  • Problems With Legs, Feet or Lower Back

Vicki once suffered from all of these symptoms. Her chronically deficient first chakra created a long list of issues that made her life a constant battle.

The good news is this — her struggles motivated her to discover the best ways to consistently and positively shift first chakra energy. Now, she’s sharing her life-changing secrets with you!

Vicki’s program includes all the same tools and techniques she used to boost her own first chakra – so she knows it will boost yours!
This 4-Module, 2 hour+ course is jam-packed with exercises, games, meditations and information that will guide you from a weak first chakra to a robust life of grounding and prosperity. There’s even a quick and easy assessment to determine the current state of your first chakra.

Boost Your Prosperity While You Relax Deeply

Vicki Howie not only holds a Masters Degree in Behavioral Communications, but she is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Hypnotherapist as well. Her meditations are power-packed, life-changing visualizations. And in this program, you get four of them! When You Order “Boost Your First Chakra For Grounding & Prosperity,” you’ll get these empowering and relaxing recordings:

  • Daily Chakra Boosting Meditation
  • Grounding Meditation
  • Abundance Meditation
  • Wealth Integration Mediation

Finally, Go Beyond The Law Of Attraction

The number one problem with most prosperity and “Law of Attraction” programs is they only give you upper chakra techniques – like visualization and affirmations – for a first chakra issue — manifestation. That’s like using a parachute as a sled – or something even less wise, using a sled as a parachute.

Sure, you can do it, but it doesn’t work very well. That’s because parachutes are meant to be used in the sky (upper chakras) and sleds are meant to be used on the ground (first chakra).

Don’t misunderstand, there’s nothing wrong with visualizations and affirmations. They’re potent tools – and they’re included in this program as well – but Vicki pairs them with games, exercises and meditations that ground them down into your first chakra.

If you’ve ever felt “this close” to manifesting big things in your life, this is the program that will shift everything for good — because close doesn’t count in the manifestation game. In order to experience prosperity, you must engage in the energetic and physical practice of actually birthing your ideas, words, and feelings into the lower chakras and the physical realm. Vicki’s audio program provides the missing link you’ve been waiting for. In her 4-Module Audio Course, here’s what you’ll get:

  • An Introduction To Your Seven Main Chakras
  • A Remote First Chakra Energy Healing
  • A Quick & Easy Assessment Of Your First Chakra
  • How To Make An Abundance Altar for More Wealth
  • Four Life-Changing Manifestation Meditations
  • Three Fun & Original Games That Increase Your Prosperity
  • How To Use Stones & Scents To Boost Your First Chakra
  • Two Important Root Chakra Mantras To Ground You
  • How To Easily Feng Shui Your Home for More Abundance
  • Ten Everyday Activities That Boost Your First Chakra
  • A List Of Powerful First Chakra Affirmations That Work
  • And MORE

You really won’t believe how much information and enjoyable activities Vicki has packed into her audio program. She’s designed this to be the only first chakra program you’ll ever need. So it’s absolutely comprehensive. When you order, here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Why You Must Emphasize The Manifesting Current In Order To Prosper
  • The Most Common First Chakra Limiting Beliefs & How To Shift Them
  • Why Trees Are Connected To Wealth & How To Use Them To Boost Yours
  • How To Do A Powerful Yogic Breath That Maximizes Manifestation Energy
  • Why Commitment Relates to Abundance & How Not To Be Afraid Of It
  • Ways To Use Rooting & Ritual To Strengthen Your First Chakra
  • Where The “Wealth Corner” is in Your Home and How To Maximize It
  • Which Foods & Drinks Are Best For Boosting Your First Chakra
  • Why Aromatherapy & Gemstones Work So Well On The First Chakra
  • Why Judging Wealthy People Keeps You Poor & How To Shift Your Attitude
  • And So Much More

There’s No Risk To You – It’s Totally Guaranteed

“Boost Your First Chakra For Grounding and Prosperity” is 100% guaranteed. At Chakra Boosters, we want you to be happy, healthy and moving toward your highest possibilities.

Once you’ve completed the full program, if you’re not pleased with the results, just let us know why (so we can continually improve), and request a full product refund within 30 days of purchase. We’ll gladly give you your money back. We want every purchase to be win-win. So, you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Step into your new life of grounding and prosperity right now. DOWNLOAD this powerful program NOW (no CDs) and start listening to it and experiencing more first chakra energy today.

Boost Your 1st Chakra Audio Course (For More Prosperity)
Over 2 hours of root chakra exercises, grounding games and meditations.
Price: $97.00