The Right Of Your Fifth Chakra: TO EXPRESS!

We’ve covered a lot of chakra rights – to have, to feel, to act, and to love, and now we’re going to look at the right of your fifth chakra – TO EXPRESS.

We aren’t just taken about garden-variety expressing here.  The fifth chakra is in the domain of the upper chakras – which means it’s in the spiritual zone above your heart.  Here, your self-expression becomes incredibly purposeful and masterful.  The heart has hopefully anointed your expression with love and compassion so that your expression has a resonance and truth to it that cannot be denied.

But while we may have a right to express, that doesn’t mean we have to express everything.  The lower chakras “talk” without “thinking” but the fifth chakra is all about purity of expression – refinement that is as clear and healing as the aquamarine colors of this chakra.

When we are open and balanced in all of our chakras and expressing from our fifth, our communications naturally come out as pure, purposeful and direct.  They have a laser-like leadership quality that draws people in.

And we have not only a right, but an obligation to express the truth that is moving through us, trying to be known.  When you feel clear and forthright, while full-hearted at the same time, then your communications is undoubtedly coming from Divine Source and is a gift to those around you, if not the world as a whole.

But if you are feeling confused and unclear about what you want to express, then you may be experiencing imbalance in the fifth chakra.  Another indicator of imbalance in the fifth chakra is any of these physical symptoms:

Throat, neck, or jaw issues such as TMJ, Laryngitis, tonsillitis or constant sore throats

Thyroid problems — over-active or under-active

Hearing problems – tinnitus or hearing loss


I suggest at times like this, you use the test of the “Four Gates Of Speech” BEFORE expressing.

Ask yourself:

1)   Is it true?

2)   Is it necessary?

3)   Is it beneficial/kind?

4)   Is it right timing?

If what you have to say passes all these “tests,” you can be sure it’s worth sharing.

If you still have trouble expressing yourself, please try my Fifth Chakra Booster Healing Tattoo™ — it’s great for boosting the fifth chakra and particularly effective when paired with the fourth chakra tattoo.

If you’re an artist or writer, you may often “live” in the emotional “feeling” nature of your second chakra, but if you can rise up into the fifth chakra with those feelings, you will learn to express them with ease, eloquence and beauty.  And by doing so, you will be creating great art.

If the second chakra is where you explore your artistry and your self-expression, the fifth chakra is where you turn your artistry into full-blown mastery.

That’s right, if you repeatedly make conscious, inspired choices about how and what you want to express, eventually you’ll be a master of expression who positively influences others every  time you communicate.


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