Saturday’s New Moon Invite’s You to Heal Your Mother Wounds


bekah finch turner~ Taurus New Moon ~ Sunday, May 17 @ 9:15 pm PDT

“Isis Astarte Diana Hekate Demeter Kali Inanna”

— Goddess chant invoking 7 of the most ancient female deities

I am writing this message on Sunday, May 10th, the day that 2015 celebrates as “Mother’s Day.” Despite being a biological mother now, I struggle sometimes with the commercialism of this celebration. I spent years feeling a little slighted as the step mom, or fur baby mom. I also have watched girlfriends who desperately wanted to be mothers but were unable to get pregnant or stay pregnant, friends who had bad relations with their moms or whose mother figures had passed on, try not to lose it amidst all the happy facebook photos of babies and families.

I feel that in a way, we have been disconnected from what mother means and whom the label applies to. In a patriarchal paradigm, which is what we ultimately still dwell in, there is a need to categorize and separate. What makes a a woman a mother, or a person a father, is so much more than physical birth, though it is a miraculous feat in itself.

If we can come back to the ancient idea that the earth is mother to us all, and the mother archetype carries the energy of creation and destruction, then perhaps we can not only open our minds to who holds this power but also to how it is held everyday in so many ways.

red-tent-250x250This brings me to Taurus, the ruler of the new moon, even as the sun prepares to move from her earthy roots into Gemini’s airy feathers. Taurus typically carries us into Mid-spring. She is ruled by Venus, the Goddess planet, and as a fixed earth sign, she represents all the physical blessings that abound during this time of year. She is the sweetness, the auspiciousness of life and light. She is fertile and fecund, full and flowing, beautiful and bountiful.

But the Goddess has many faces. On our side of the planet, she is in her light phase, on the other, she is the dark mother, mid-autumn, passing towards the deathing veil. To truly honor and recognize the Goddess on the planet and within each of us is to see all of our, the ability to create and destroy. To love and to fear.

On a day like “Mother’s day”, we only want to look at the light, the flowers, foot rubs, smiles and joy. It is good to be in gratitude, it is nice to see the positive. But we also have the mother wounds, the dark, neglect, loss and pain. You can’t fully appreciate the power of birth without all of that. When I speak of birth, it is not just for human babies, but all the channels from which we birth this world into being, day in and day out. Our intentions, actions, relationships, goals and beyond. Our hopes and fears, dreams and nightmares.

When we see the Goddess as all, as nature, as the many manifestations of life on this planet, then we broaden our ability to revere and respect the pulsation of the cycle. When we try to not separate, label, categorize and define roles, we create space for true connection.

As the earth Goddess, Taurus asks if we can find the pulse in all things, the heart beat that pounds beneath the trees and stones, within the chest of animals, plants and humans. She seeks that which makes us family, not that which sets us apart. Two sides to a coin is still one coin. Ten thousand faces to the Goddess is still The Goddess.

Seek the beauty in this time, however it appears for you. Seek the face of the mother within and without, that energy that can nurture your soul in a way nothing else can. If you carry the Mother wound, a name for the hole within many of us from our disconnect to the planet, our families and ourselves, this new moon offers a chance to fill it with a deeper awareness. This vision is personal, and it is for each of us alone and for us all. Her dance is one of paradox, but it is within the opposites that union is found.

The only way we can move out of the current era is through our fear and through our duality. The mother holds space for every possibility. Chant the opening line of Goddess names to this new moon, drum the beat that is in your own heart. Cry and dance upon the earth. Open your feet and belly and heart to the soul of the planet and receive the mothering you need. Let go of the forms that define and restrict what you are capable of. We are all mothers. We are all children. We are all part of the Goddess.

Love and prayers to the earth and to you,


Bekah Finch Turner is a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com.

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