Libra New Moon ~ Honor The Goddess & The Balance of Opposites


bekah finch turnerTuesday 9/23 @ 10:13 pm PDT (9/24 @ 6:13 am UTC)

Like many people, I see the earth and moon as inherently feminine. This doesn’t mean there are not masculine elements and energies, there definitely are and need to be. But overall, the lunar and seasonal cycles feel female, creative, fertile; particularly spring and fall. This is in part due to the strong Venus influence that activates with the April full moon in Libra to the May new moon in Taurus and the September Libra new moon to the November Taurus full moon.

These weeks have a strong Goddess imprint and in the spring we see Her briefly as the maiden, new, fresh, fecund, blossoming whereas now, as we head into the autumnal equinox, She is the mother, having birthed Her son, offered Her harvest. She is golden, abundant, strong, and beautiful, though in a different way than before. As maiden, She holds our attention in a youthful way, as a quick burst of fourteen days, but as a mature woman, She commands our attention a bit longer, and has something to teach us.

I feel like there is an opportunity present right now to deeply connect with this power. I see images of the Goddess, the earth, the sacred and divine everywhere, and yet to almost the same degree, I am seeing the dark, the violent, the fearful and inhumane. One moment I breathe in love, light, gratitude, the next my breath is caught in my throat by some terrible anxiety I have just seen, read, thought.

But this is the way of things at equinox, which this year is the day before the Venus ruled Libra new moon. Fall equinox invites us to find a place between light and dark, birth and death, a center, like the eye of the storm, where we can remain balanced as our hemisphere drops toward longer nights. This is the time to re-member our connection to the sacred, re-connect to the will of the higher powers rather than our own selfish needs (which can take the center stage during the summer months) and to re-store our faith in the Goddess.

Taurus is Venus, the archetypal divine feminine at her sensual, earthy, juicy best, such as Persephone, Aphrodite or Lakshmi; and Libra is Venus wearing the veils of justice, alignment and harmony; like Athena, Sophia and Durga. Libra is symbolized by the scales and she is indeed here to bring us back to balance.

I am not sure what this new season and cycle hold. I am not sure what will happen as She balances the scales, but I do know She is open to our prayers and desires. I do know She is willing to hear us and speak to us if we are willing to ask for Her help, to try to see Her in our lives and to do the work needed to create equanimity.

It is easy to see spirit in beauty and in victory. It is not so simple in ugliness and tragedy. And yet, it is all Her. That is such a crazy concept to try to comprehend. It really would be more rational to separate, as the Patriarchal mind does, into good and evil. Angel and demon. But the matriarchal is not so black and white. Take child birth as an example, it’s bloody, brutal and the outcome can be miraculous or devastating.

The Goddess may be more appealing when she is beautiful and kind, but she is needed even more when she is not. As the new season opens and this cycle of the Goddess beckons, I invite us all to welcome Her. The nine day festival of the Goddess in India, Navaratri, starts the day after the new moon, and the mother goddess, Durga is celebrated in all her forms, not just protective, loving, giving, but fierce and dark, as well.

Welcome Her by trying to center yourself and your life. Ask to see through Her eyes as we prepare to reap and reflect on the year and finish our work. Can you recognize her in every moment of your life? Can you trust this process as darkness grows and the sun wanes? What could the world be if we knew it was all grace, even the icky scary?

This doesn’t mean “bad” things are excused or okay. The Goddess will align the scales and it is a sweeter life when we do things in a way that honors the sacred in all beings, but she is still the soul of nature, whether it be preserving or destroying. One way or another, we all return to her.

My teacher says that nature is unrelentingly just. Karma is absolute. But the Goddess is a mother, our mother, and she loves her children. Libra wields the scales but is always willing to come down on the side of love and beauty. See through Her eyes and find your way to that place. May she bless you and keep you in these days of holiness and harvest.

My simple prayer for the weeks ahead is to see through the eyes of the Goddess. May we recognize Her beauty in each moment. May we humble ourselves and release what no longer serves. May we cultivate love, justice and a sustainable world. May we sense the sacred everyday, stay in our center and trust this dance as it unfolds.

Love and light,


Bekah Finch Turner a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com  Align with the Libra energy of balance by wearing a Heart or 3rd Eye Chaka Boosters Healing Tattoo.

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