Gemini New Moon Invites You to Be All-Inclusive (“Yes, and…)


Bekah Finch TurnerGemini New Moon ~ Tuesday, June 16 @ 7:07 am PDT

I could not believe the moon was already in her waning crescent as I caught a glimpse early the other morning on the way to the airport. It seemed as though the Sag full moon was just lighting up the sky, and yet there was the lingering sliver smile of the nearly dark moon. Where have the last two weeks gone? Where have the last six months gone? Summer solstice, the middle of the seasonal wheel, follows the Gemini new moon by mere days this month. Summer solstice marks the climax of our year, and the height of light for our hemisphere. Gemini, whose climax has already passed, is again a whisper in the new moon, before Cancer enters the midsummer realm.

Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, has been retrograded for most of the gem season, and just turned direct on the 11th. It is a slow start to the Mercurial desire for travel, change, communication and transformation, but urgency is now arising to move forward, and the summer solstice only adds to that energy.

We are coming upon a moment when the energy is at its max, when the moon will wax and the sun is high and all is illuminated. In these moments we seek clarity. In these moments we desire truth, revelation, revolution. At this time, we will feel the urge to do something huge and to step into our power in a big way.


And we may not feel as clear as we hoped. And we may still be bouncing the truth around our recently untied tongue. The revelation may be two-sided and the revolution a paradox.

As we enter the solstice and as Gemini, symbol of duality stands upon the new moon altar, my prayer is to embrace the “and.”

This does tie into the “yes” of the sag full moon, but it goes deeper than that. As a Gemini sun, I have long dwelled in the land of the “but.” I like that, but I also like that. I feel this, but I also feel that. It has driven me into insanity more times than I care to admit. I can see both sides, and that sucks. I don’t do well with absolutes or ultimatums and half the time, I confuse myself in any given situation.

I spent the last few weeks on a new journey in a new place. A lot happened there for this Gem sun, including the celebration of my natal birthday. One of the things that was said quite a lot during my time away was “embrace the uncertainty.” Also, “get comfortable with ambiguity.”

Not appealing phrases to a truth seeker. Not attractive to one who just wants the ‘right” answer.

There are no single right answers. There is not one single truth unless it is that truth changes.

So while you may experience strong epiphanies and feel called to make gigantic shifts, also, leave space for the “and.” Let the “and” create a pause between your thoughts and feelings. Let the “and” offer a reprieve to those whose paths do not align with yours, or whose truth is bogglingly different. Let the “and” allow you to be kind to yourself and others when the uncertainty creeps in. Maybe the “and” can be not just a word that compounds a new kind of sentence, but perhaps a symbol for connecting a new kind of world under the summer sun and new moon.

Life is crazy. AND. life is beautiful. Now you try it.

Sending you deepest love on this new moon and many blessings for solstice. May all beings be safe, may all beings be happy, healthy and at ease with the “ands” of our lives.



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BekahFinchTurnerBekah Finch Turner is also a regular contributor to chakraboosters.com, home of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™. She is a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com.

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