Full Gemini Moon ~ Sow Seeds for the New Year By Bridging Your Mind & Spirit


bekah finch turnerGemini Full Moon ~ Saturday December 6, 2014 @ 4:27 am PST

My first shaman teacher spoke of the greatest challenge for healers being the ability to have one foot in each world. The worlds being the realm of spirit and the physical realm.

I have pondered this challenge over the last decade and as 2014, a particularly difficult year to remain centered, moves into it’s final cycle, I find myself relating to it in a new way.

For one, I no longer equate the physical world, mother earth, with the material. The natural world actually exists quite harmoniously with the spirit world. The disconnect is with the mind-made material world, the one we have created and agree is in existence. I feel certain my teacher also understood this distinction, but it has taken me this long to sense the subtle difference.

Sagittarius, the ruler of the current month, is fire, spirit. Her partner in the astro dance is Gemini, air, mind. Few signs flourish in modern times like Mercury’s Lady Gem. She is the quick moving, loading, processing internet and online worlds. She is faster travel and new ideas and words and meetings and networking and communicating and cars and all the shiny technology this age can muster. Being mental energy and mutable air, she can finally fully embody her quicksilver-like style and play the muse to all inquiring minds.

Unfortunately, being the sign of duality, her flip side is the more obsessed we get with the mind made possibilities, the deeper the separation to the physical and spiritual realms. We see this with climate change, the chasm between rich and poor, power struggles and the decreasing global empathy as our time is spent inside on gadgets rather than face-to-face.

But Gemini, being mutable air and mind is never set in stone.

And as the cold December full moon waxes in the sky, amidst Venus’ return from the underworld and other sacred celestial alignments, we have a sweet opportunity to find the balance between Sagittarius’ soulful fire and Gemini’s beautiful mind.

It comes back, always, always and always again, to our choice, where we place our power and intention.

Choose to align your spirit and mind with the earth. Choose to use your unique privilege and mental gifts to better sense the magic all around us. Every tool needed to heal ourselves, each other and the planet is already with us. Some are present in the material plane and simply need to be seized by the like-minded collective, others are whispering around in your dreams, in your head, waiting for you to make them happen.

Gemini’s talents are limitless and so are yours. Together, your mind and spirit can weave together and manifest a world where you are wildly happy, and that happiness, born of the union between mind and spirit, can bring joy to the world; and isn’t that the message of the season?

On this full moon, let your mind open into your spirit. Stand on the earth and ask for the wisdom and ability to balance in all worlds. Breathe into your body, breath being the bridge between realms, and see what vision the moon unfolds.

Be bold, dream big, as is Sagittarius’s game. Let your mind wander in the spirit world, trusting the ideas that start to download, even if they seem wild. As long as at their center they bring love to you and the planet, and are in line with your spiritual path, you can let Gemini do her thing and make them into something the mind can manifest.

It’s still winter, not quite time to take big action, but it is the moment for choosing seeds for the next year, and beginning to plant them as the sun returns at solstice.

The only thing limiting us as humans and as a species are our minds. And yet, when linked to our spirit, it is the only thing that can free us and unite us.

Blessings for a profound and potent full moon,


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