Firewalking & Dirty Dancing ~ Step Bravely Into Surrender


On February 27, 2014 (my 51st birthday), I walked on fire!** It was scary. It was exciting. And yes, it was a big “hell yeah!” afterwards. In short, it was definitely an accomplishment – even a milestone – in my life.

But surprisingly, something I did a few days later was even BIGGER than the firewalk. It wasn’t bigger in the American sense of larger, faster, more bad-ass. But rather, it was “bigger” because it caused me to step up in a way I’d rarely done before… it caused me to step up in a more “feminine” way.

Stepping up courageously requires a lot of 3rd chakra/solar plexus energy.  We have to step into our center and dig into the fire of our soul to get the courage to storm past our typical fears (like the fear of pain, maiming or death – not fun stuff to say the least!). The 3rd chakra is a quintessentially masculine chakra. It’s the chakra of courage; of the Warrior fighting the most formidable foe or even the Knight fighting the mythical dragon.

But there is another type of courage that may be even more important in this age of mass-connection and Goddess energy, and that is the courage to be in our feminine; to connect, trust and most importantly, to fully surrender. For the women of the last half-century, like me, who have forged careers in a masculine world, this type of feminine courage is needed more than ever – it’s our saving grace.

That’s what my video is about this week.

I was genuinely pleased with my firewalk achievement, but I’ve been displaying that kind of courage since I was 3 years old. I’ve been quite the independent, little tomboy. Last year, I jumped out of a plane for my 50th birthday simply because the idea of it scared me. Enough said.

This year, in Chakra Life Cycle language, is my 1-2 year. This means it’s both a masculine (1) and feminine (2) year for me. So yes, it’s a good year for me to be strong and independent (1), but it’s a good year for me to learn to be truly trusting, easy going and to surrender as well (2). And since I’ve exercised way more independent “go for it” energy than feminine surrender energy in my life, the latter provides the most balance in the big picture of my growth and transformation.

But I digress. Let me continue with my story. I did the firewalk, and when Tony Robbins’s “Unleash The Power Within” was finished, I went on a birthday cruise (note the symbolism of going from fire to water – masculine 3rd chakra to feminine 2nd chakra).

On the cruise, they had a big deck party where everyone danced like crazy. A young guy who was an excellent dancer came and began partnering with me. He took my hands and started leading me. I’d never done any couples dancing, so I didn’t really know how. But I’d made a vow to myself that I would surrender more in my life, so I just followed where he led, and it was really fun.

Then, over the din of the music and mayhem, he asked me if I knew the “Baby move” from Dirty Dancing, and if I’d ever done it. I experienced a strange mixture of fear and excitement. Yes, I knew what it was, and no, I had never done it.

Now, if you somehow missed the glory days of “Dirty Dancing,” let me fill you in. The “Baby move” is when Jennifer Grey” runs and jumps up into Patrick Swayze’s arms and he holds her over his head as she holds her body swan-dive style. You can view it here (the big jump is at 3:13 if you want to skip forward):

The next thing, the dancing stranger asked me was, “You want to do it?” (the jump) And before I could answer “no,” an “okay” came flying out of my mouth.

Whoa… Did I just agree to do it?

Apparently I had. He moved across the deck and beckoned me with a wave of his arm. I ran toward him, he yelled “jump!” and I did (or at least my legs did!).

He lifted me up and suddenly, I was over his head and he was turning me in circles, something I thought was part of the original “Dirty Dancing,” but on second viewing, discovered was not. I guess it was just a bonus.


I had trusted and survived. I had done more than just surrender into surrender. I had leaped into surrender! And even as I write this, I now realize that my leap out of the plane was a very similar thing – a courageous act of surrender. Jump and then just trust and let go. I guess I am always subconsciously seeking that masculine-feminine experience.

Are you willing to take action AND surrender? In order to be wholy-whole, we all need to be able to do both, and honor our masculine and feminine sides. I want you to experience the rush of achievement you get from taking brave, independent actions, and also the deep fulfillment you get when you fully surrender.

If you’ve experienced a lot more of one or the other in your life, then this week, I challenge you to make the lesser one more important and build your “warrior” or your “goddess” muscles.

Also, if you’re a man who hasn’t really stepped up to climb that mountain (the male essence) or a woman who has rarely really surrendered and been soft and vulnerable (the feminine essence), try it out. Embrace the bio-spiritual tendency of your gender and enjoy. There’s a whole lot of healing and liberation in it.

Here’s to your full-bodied transformation! Blessings, Vicki

** I was unable to video the firewalk, but Oprah experienced the same firewalk with Tony on another date and videotaped it. Check it out:



  • Zora
    March 13, 2014

    Awww….too bad you didn’t get videos of you doing the “Baby jump”! that would have been awesome, lol! 🙂

    On THAT note, not sure if I”m quite ready for THAT move, myself, but I totally get what you’re saying by “surrendering to the support of others”, whilst paradoxically becoming more independent! That’s life, all right…especially nowadays. It’s all about the balance, right? And that balance is done on-the-spot and in-the-moment, ideally in EVERY moment!

    Thanks for your wonderful story, Vicki – very inspiring as always! 🙂

    Much love,

  • Vicki
    March 14, 2014

    Yes, a video would have been nice, Zora. I do have one in my head (lol). Thanks for taking the time to comment — and for seeking out that elusive balance. Love and blessings, Vicki

  • Vicki
    March 16, 2014

    Thanks Amy! Now pass on the inspiration with YOUR next action. Love and blessings, Vicki

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