Full Chakra Healing Workout – Root to Crown


This week we’re going to boogie — sort of. We’re actually going to engage in a full chakra workout. In the video above I share seven great, embodied chakra practices that will open up your energy centers from root to crown.

Leisa Peterson asked me to do a Facebook LIVE session on her Mindful Millionaire Community Page — and we had a blast!

Afterward, I took the hour-plus interview and edited out everything but the full chakra workout. So you can use this video as a daily (or just regular) chakra exercise guide.

I dare you to dive in with us!

And if you take me up on my challenge, be prepared to move beyond any physical inhibitions! Here’s what you’ll be doing:


  1. Root – Stomping, squatting and “planting” energy (strong and rhythmic)
  2. Sacral – Swiveling your curvy curves (creating spontaneity and variety)
  3. Solar Plexus – Breathe of fire and warrior punches (brave and focused)
  4. Heart – Opening and Closing/Yes and No Exercise (honoring/loving self and others)
  5. Throat – Thyroid “Massaging” Up/Down and Circles + More Yes/No (opening your voice)
  6. Third Eye – Peacock Visualization (feeling and honoring your intuitive self)
  7. Crown – Centering in Stillness (honoring your connection to all)


Do this at least three times this week and see your energy rise and synchronicities abound. When you’re aligned within yourself, you have more energy. And you don’t have to work so hard on changing things “out there.” Because the Universe is attracted to your strong, open centeredness and you become a sort of magnet for good, yummy things.

If you’d like a playlist of individual movements/seed sounds for each chakra, you can get that here.

Or, you might want to check out this other cool way to do embodied chakra healing.

In any case, try out the workout above and share your experience of it here on my youtube channel.

Some questions to consider are:

~ How did each one feel in your body?

~ Which one is your favorite?

~ What does it feel like to do them from the top-down versus the bottom-up?

And anything else you’d like to share!

Have a lovely, energized week, Beautiful Soul.

Love and blessings,

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  • Debora
    May 14, 2020

    Thank you so much for this Chakra opening practice workout. You have an awesome way of teaching Vicki I appreciate you, your knowledge and your generous spirit of sharing it with us

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