7 Chakra Activating Meditations (One For Each Chakra)

Boost Your Chakras With These 7 Powerful, Hypnotic Meditations

ROOT CHAKRA – The Money Tree Meditation

This stabilizing meditation makes you feel that money really does grow on trees. And the best part is that you’re the tree! It leaves you feeling grounded, stable and endlessly prosperous, knowing you can continually renew your abundance any time you wish.

SACRAL CHAKRA – The Sacral Sea Meditation

This playful meditation takes you into the flow of your life and allows you to surrender to the joy, spontaneity and possibility that is your feminine essence. It takes you on a journey of lake, river and ocean where you play with dolphins and other mystical creatures. It leaves you feeling open, flowing and deeply delicious.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – The Golden Rod Meditation

This empowering meditation creates deep integrity between your spiritual and earthly aspects so you can feel the strong, golden rod of integrity that runs through your being, energizing and supporting you at all times. It leaves you feeling confident, motivated and ready to take on the world.

HEART CHAKRA – The Ho’Oponopono Journey

This heart blossoming meditation is based on an ancient Hawaiian practice of saying four key phrases that allow you to love, accept and forgive yourself and others. It frees you of the shackles of judgment and leaves you feeling completely open, compassionate and free.

THROAT CHAKRA – The Path of Purpose Meditation

This inspiring meditation takes you on a journey of deep, self-respect where you honor who you really are – and who you are not. It invites you to walk your path of purpose and discover all the beautiful gifts and desires you brought into this world to serve and play in your own unique way. It leaves you feeling passionate about you and your destiny.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA – The Indigo Elevator Experience

This sweet meditation takes you on a journey up and into your brow chakra where your highest, embodied wisdom lies. It invites the light of awareness into the window of your third eye, allowing you to see any intuitive knowings that you have curtained off. It leaves you feeling centered, clear and connected to your Higher Self.

CROWN CHAKRA – The Starry Sky Meditation

This blissful meditation allows you to easily access the pure, Spirit Consciousness that you are. Taking you inward to the unlimited galaxy within you and outward to the unending field of pure Divinity that you are. It leaves you feeling your timeless, spaceless identity as Universal Energy that is never separate from anything – or anyone – else.