Cancer Full Moon Calls For Nourishing Self-Care & Tapping Into Your True Desires


bekah finch turnerFull Moon in Cancer ~ Sunday, January 4, 2015 @ 8:54 pm ~

I have wanted to see the ocean lately. I am not sure if everybody gets that craving, maybe just those of us that have lived, at some point, close to the sea. But if I haven’t paid Her a visit in a few months, I start to feel Her calling, and I begin to crave.

Is it just the smell of the salt, the sound of crashing waves, the cool sand under my feet, the infinite beauty that draws me? Maybe. But I think it is something more. As the Capricorn moon waxes and the Cancer full moon, Capricorn’s watery counterweight, flows into our psyche, I know it truly is a deeper desire.

If Capricorn is the power of the seed, the strength of the mountain, then Cancer is the healing water from snow and rain that nourishes the newly placed seed; as well as the mighty ocean, perhaps the only natural force that can rival the mountain.

Capricorn asks us to set our foundation, create those resolutions and goal-oriented to-do lists and vision boards. Capricorn’s mighty ruler, Saturn, requires boundaries, limitations and pushes us in a linear fashion, forward. This is good stuff for the new year ahead.

But lest we get too rigid, too linear, Cancer, the only sign ruled by the moon, asks us to pause under her lunar light. Her tides change course as needed, and as her waves rise and fall, she reminds us of cycles and the importance of emotional intent.

Capricorn is earth, physical and manifest. Cancer is water, emotions and intuitions. If that mountain you want to climb or seed you seek to plant does not fulfill you on a deeper level than just material, you will not be able to sustain the momentum and power needed to bring it to fruition by the time summer arrives, Cancer’s season. If you are doing something that feels “wrong,” or not authentic in some way, Cancer is here to wash over you. Not all seeds will break from their pods. Not all mountains are meant to be climbed.

Cancer also holds a maternal, comforting energy, and provides a great opportunity for self-care. This is a good weekend to pause after the holiday hullabaloo and sleep in, get a massage, soak in the tub or yes, go visit the ocean or other sacred water.

Let her speak to your soul and acknowledge what you are craving. Often times those typical resolutions like save money, lose weight, etc, are smart but they barely penetrate the surface of our purpose. What is it you really want in this next year? What intent honors your physical and emotional path? Maybe you still don’t know, and can take this time to ask for guidance.

It is enticing to start the new year off running, but truthfully, if you follow the current and the wheel of the year, it is not really the best time for action. It is a time for intention, yes, foundation, sure, but we have until March to really get going. So, heed Cancer’s call, tune in to the subtle voice and follow it to your source, the place that fills you and reminds you what it means to be part of the whole. Perhaps we will meet by the sea.

New year and full moon blessings for all beings and the earth!



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