Be Aware: Capricorn New Moon Calls for Patience, Caution & Common Sense


bekah finch turner Capricorn New Moon ~ Saturday January 9th @ 5:30pm PST

I have continually thought over the years that January 1st is such a silly date for the “new year.” It has nothing to do with the seasons or cycles! However, it does fall relatively close to the Winter solstice and the Capricorn new moon, two cyclical holy days that are both ruled by Capricorn and Saturn, energies that absolutely initiate us into the deep work of winter and new beginnings.

As a Gemini, I often struggle with Capricorn. My whole life has lived up to something I read in Linda Goodman’s star signs about the connection between a Gemini and Capricorn, and that is, “the twins baffle the steadier goat.” Actually, the bewilderment is on both sides. And yet, I am also drawn to Capricorn. Some of the deepest connections I have ever made to human beings carry strong Capricorn in sun, moon or rising. Part of the challenge is Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) whizzes around the sun every 88 days while Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) takes 29 years. I have honestly thought this was true for any conflict with my Capricorns, that I am already at the finish line and wait years for them to arrive. And yet, when they do, we still have very different perspectives, simply due to the speed by which we traveled. I make up my mind in a flash. I see the conclusion in quicksilver. Capricorn takes as much time as needed and one cannot interrupt or speed up this process if they have any hope for compromise. It can be baffling and a bummer when we can’t seem to find common ground.

But I had an interesting moment the other day with two of my Capricorns, that made me think not just of the Capricorn new moon, coming up this Saturday January 9th, but of this entire new year, 2016, where both Saturn and Capricorn may be seen in a different light.

I decided I HAD to cut off my hair. My cousin and childhood friend, both Capricorn, are also salon owning hair stylists. Both know my hair better than me and even though I no longer live near either, I still find I have to turn to them for all things hair-related. I sent them separate texts that stated I was cutting my hair, no matter what they thought, then sent a few different styles I found online that I liked.

They both texted back that I should use the same image. Instantly, I wanted one of the other cuts and found myself defensive as to why they didn’t think I could do the other styles. Without missing a beat, both, separately, responded that I could, but it would require me to blow dry bangs daily for one and to go through a long, awkward growing out process for the other.

I paused.

This is one of the amazing qualities of a Capricorn. They take their time and look at all the pieces. After years of mastering their craft, years of knowing me, they could glance at these little images and tell exactly what detailed work would need to be done. I had not even noticed one of the pictures had bangs!

Even though my Gemini mind wanted to play devil’s advocate and get one of the others to prove I could do something different and against-my-grain, I realized that was really silly. It was more than silly, it was detrimental. I had asked for their help, they had given it, and they were RIGHT. But it is uncomfortable when someone is that honest. It is uncomfortable when someone can see through the process, from start to finish, and tell you the truth about it. In the same situation, I would just tell someone to go for it or pick the image that was most appealing, without taking the time to really consider all the elements and steps.

The reason this moment of clarity was so pivotal is that right now, Mercury is in ghost period, going retrograde in the fellow air sign of Aquarius on January 5th. Capricorn is still in Pluto, the planet of power, sex, transformation, death, renewal and Saturn recently moved into Sagittarius, bringing expansive fire to its slow, materialist methods.

As it is a new year, we are feeling that fire. We are feeling that deep call for change, but when Mercury goes retrograde, especially in freedom loving, outside-the-box thinking Aquarius, it’s actually not the time for big, crazy, new actions. Yes, I could have cut my hair into one of these new fangled fashions, but I bet in a couple weeks (like when Mercury went direct) I would have been cursing every strand.

Rather than only seeing Capricorn as slow, controlling and limiting to our big new year goals while Mercury retrogrades, I want you to focus on the goat’s softer side. That was the side shown to me by friends when they were honest about the images. That is what is going on every 29 years when we hit the dreaded Saturn return that really is just the universe’s way of getting us back on track. Like the alpha wolf that picks his pup up by the scruff and drops him so that he’s headed in the right direction. Especially since both Saturn and Capricorn are experiencing such powerful energies, this is a really great opportunity to not view the seriousness of Capricorn’s ambition with grudging respect or the desire to rebel without a cause. This is a big planet and big sign, cardinal earth, the setting of our foundation.

If we really want to make the most out of 2016, as Saturn, Capricorn, Mercury and others make interesting transits, I think it need to begin with slowing down and paying close attention to the details in our wild designs and plans.

I am not saying not to do it, rather, think it through. Let Capricorn be your dependable friend and adviser, rather than the stern parent or school teacher. Trust the goat’s wisdom, experience and vision. Take your time these next few weeks. Use this space for re-assessing, re-imagining, reaching out and rooting in the earth (doing anything that starts with “re” is a good call during Mercury’s retrograde).

Make lists, meet with your Capricorn friends and allies. Go for walks and hikes. Make it a practice to be present, still and notice all the little things. If we honor the guidance of Capricorn/Saturn, I trust we will be led into a year of deep change and magic. All based on a solid foundation, and all in good time.

Love and blessings,


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BekahFinchTurnerBekah Finch Turner is also a regular contributor to chakraboosters.com, home of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™. She is a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com.

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