7 Ways to Be More Intuitive & Connect with Your Higher Self


Hopefully, you’ve been following me through this video series, because it’s sequential and we are making our way up your chakras, discovering and fulfilling all the basic needs of your life. Why would we do that? Because many of us spend a whole lot of our time and energy unconsciously (or sometimes consciously) trying to get our needs met. Everything shifts when you become aware of all your basic needs and find positive ways to fulfill them. Your life really takes off.

Each one of your seven main bodily energy centers (known as chakras) has a different need. Today, we’re going to look at the basic need of your sixth chakra (aka the 3rd eye) which is the need to connect to your own intuitive abilities and Higher Self.

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And now…

7 Ways to Fulfill The Need of Your 3rd Eye Chakra (& Connect with Your Higher Self)

1) Practice listening to and trusting your intuition. Those little nudges you feel or hear don’t need to make sense. That sense you have of “just knowing” that comes in a flash is worth listening to. If you practice actually trusting and going with it, then you will actually strengthen your intuition “muscle.” How do you know it’s your intuition you’re hearing? The most likely indicator is that it seems to “come out of nowhere.” Also, if you get a hit when you are either meditating, praying or doing a repetitive (trance-inducing) action like washing the dishes, taking a shower or driving a familiar route you’ve driven hundreds of time, it’s likely that you are authentically connecting with your Higher Self.

2) Keep a journal for communicating with your Higher Self. Use it first thing when you wake up in the morning and again before you go to bed. Actually, summon your Higher Self, and then write what comes in the most free associating fashion you can. Don’t edit. The ego loves to edit spirit. Don’t let it.

3) Use oracle cards. There are lots of different oracle cards you can use to access your Higher Self. Go to a metaphysical store and pick one that intuitively resonates with you. My favorite oracle cards are Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Cards. But the right cards for you could be totally different. Don’t choose from your head, but from your heart.

4) Do my “Dictionary Divination” technique. I love this way of accessing my Higher Self with important questions. I have some unbelievable stories from this process. Once I basically asked for a miracle and actually got the word “miracle.” The angels and guides were certainly winking at me on that one. To do it, all you need is a really thick, collegiate-type dictionary. Try it yourself and see if it works for you. This article and video talks more about this technique and a couple others.

5) Read a book on intuition, psychic abilities or connecting to your Higher Self. There are tons of great books out there on this topic. One great teacher who has written about it a lot is Sonia Choquette. She has over a dozen books on the topic which you’ll find here on Amazon.

6) Wear and/or use some 3rd eye gemstones that you resonate with. Start with a few that are known for boosting 6th chakra qualities, and choose the one that feels right to you. Two popular 3rd eye gemstones are amethyst and azurite.

7) Wear my 3rd Eye Chakra Booster Healing Tattoo™. Some customers have told me they have more lucid dreams when wearing my Brow Chakra Tattoo, and others have told me they remember their dreams better. My experience is the latter, plus I get a heightened feeling of clarity.

If one of the suggestions above resonates with you more than the others, start there. Do at least three of the my seven suggestions above and you’ll create an imaginative, intuitive and visionary week where you feel more connected with your Higher Self than ever before.

Love and blessings,


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