7 Signs You Have a Weak Heart Chakra (and How to Heal It)

The heart chakra is a very special energy center. It’s basically the essence of who we are, because when all of our chakras are balanced, we are naturally in our middle chakra – the heart. That’s why love is so important to all of us. Absolutely nobody goes to their grave wishing they had loved less!

Want to find out if your heart chakra is open and balanced?

Here are seven signs that indicate it may be underactive:

  1. You have any of these physical ailments: immune disorders, the 3 A’s – Apnea, asthma and allergies, or anything related to the heart or lungs.
  2. You find it hard to connect with others and have a loner lifestyle.
  3. You don’t believe you are a healer or don’t like to take care of others.
  4. You don’t like to touch (which is the physical sense of the heart chakra).
  5. You put yourself before others so much that you (or others) would call you selfish.
  6. You find it difficult to feel empathy.
  7. You find it really hard to forgive.

There are lots of ways to heal the heart chakra. For one, just start hugging more every day. It’s the easiest, most direct way to boost the heart chakra.

You can discover the seven best methods for healing your heart chakra here, and you can open your heart chakra with this simple yoga pose.

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