Three Great Tips For Achieving Your New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s is my favorite holiday. I love the way life gives us an annual “do over” in the form of the almighty New Year’s Resolution.  And since I’ve begun doing hypnotherapy, NLP and deep chakra work, I’m enjoying more success in creating positive shifts. So, today, I want to share with you three of my favorite tips for creating a successful New Year’s Resolution.

#1 – Don’t think of the Resolution as changing you, but rather, as releasing that which is NOT you.

It just feels easier and more authentic when you emphasize the fact that you’re simply letting go of what is NOT you. It’s a little like how the great sculptor, Michelangelo, described his process of sculpting. When asked how he did it, he said he simply took a piece of marble and carved away everything that was not the sculpture. Through this process, he created masterpieces. If you want to lose weight, rather than think of it as attaining some ideal weight, consider it as the release of what is not your ideal weight – a return to the most authentic you.

#2 – Don’t TRY. Just DO it!

Yoda said it best, when he told Luke, “No. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.” And he was right, as always. Think about it. When you invite a friend to your party and they say they’ll TRY to make it. Are they going to show? What are the odds?  That’s right, very, very low.  When we say we’ll try, we automatically reduce our odds of success. Using the word “try” is a subconscious way of simply avoiding the possibility of failure. We get to celebrate a mini-success even when we don’t achieve a goal as in “I said I’d try and I did.” As a hypnotherapist, I was trained to tell clients in trance to “try” to open their eyes, because that verb would help them fail at doing so, and thereby prove to them that they were hypnotized. Try is a sneaky, sneaky little verb, and best avoided where you truly want to succeed.

#3 – Align your resolution with all of your chakras. This is my biggest tip, because if any one of your chakras is not in tune with your resolution, it may be more difficult – or darn near impossible – to achieve. You can get all your chakras on board by incorporating the needs of each one like this:

1st Chakra – Commit & Take Baby Steps

The root chakra is all about commitment and keeping things simple, so make sure to commit fully to your resolution. Then, if you have a big goal like re-organizing your entire 2500 square foot home or saving the world, make sure to break it down into baby steps and create little mini-goals you can reach. This will increase your confidence along the way and keep you moving toward success.

2nd Chakra – Have fun!

The sacral chakra is like a little child – it wants to be creative, to play, and have fun. If you want this part of yourself to be on board with your goal, you need to inject some fun and/or cool rewards. If you want to get fit, why not watch your favorite comedies while you’re on the treadmill? Or if you want to organize your home, why not do it while listening to your favorite music and reward yourself with a massage or similar treat each time you finish a room?

3rd Chakra – Take Action

The solar plexus chakra likes to take action and get the job done. To empower this chakra, avoid the word “try” and just do it. Create a plan and set specific times each day to take action. These self-created commitments will keep you accountable on daily basis.

4th Chakra – Share Your Goal

The heart chakra knows the power of being connected to others. When you share your resolution with friends and loved ones, they can inspire you or give you an opportunity to inspire them. You may also want to hook up with a resolution buddy and motivate each other to keep both of you moving toward your goals.

5th Chakra – Make a clear vow

The throat chakra is all about expression. So get this powerful part of yourself fully involved by overtly communicating your resolution – say it, write it down, maybe even sing it out loud!

6th Chakra

The brow chakra likes to look at the big picture, daydream and visualize. So this part of you can be a powerful ally in creating change. Just take a few moments every day to visualize and actually feel the achievement of your resolution. In this way, you are literally practicing its successful completion and energetically aligning with its manifestation.

7th Chakra

The crown chakra is your direct connection to the Divine. The best way to bring in this chakra is to pray or connect with the spirit realm in whatever way feels right to you. Ask for assistance in achieving your goal and stay open to any spiritual lessons you can learn along the way.

From committing to praying, the chakras are your best guide on how to stay in alignment with your new year’s resolution and maintain positive, forward momentum through completion, and Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos are a simple and beautiful way to boost the energy of each chakra.

So remember, Focus on becoming your authentic self, not some “ideal” outside of you; don’t try – just do! –and get all your chakras on board so all aspects of yourself will be focused on the same goal.

You CAN make 2013 the best year of your life!

Vicki Howie, MA is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Certified Master NLP Practitioner who is dedicated to assisting her clients in stepping into their full power and potential. Her Quick Start Package is an affordable way to sample a Chakra Life Cycle Session, as well as her Chakra Boosters Healing tattoos and her “Boost Your First Chakra For Grounding & Prosperity” Audio Course.


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