The 5 Best Foods to Heal Your Root Chakra

This week we begin looking at the best 5 foods for healing each chakra. Now, of course, the “best” here is just my opinion and your favorites may differ, so please share yours here on my youtube channel (where more viewers can benefit).

If you missed the introductory video to this series on the best foods for healing each chakra, you can watch it here.

The root chakra is the first of your seven chakras. It’s red and it resides at the base of your tailbone and governs your bowels, legs and feet. It is related to your basic sense of safety and stability. It affects your overall health, home, family ties (“roots”), finances and anything foundational in your life.

If you had a really traumatic childhood, especially in your first year of life, then your root is more likely to need healing.

Since the root is related to the physical world and your body’s overall health, food is a great way to heal it.

The key things to look at when choosing the best foods for healing a particular chakra are: 1) color 2) food type and 3) the endocrine glands related to the chakra (and foods that benefit those glands).

Here are my top five favorites for the root chakra.

5 Best Foods for Healing the Root Chakra (Organic is best):

  1. Bing Cherries — so red and delicious
  2. Tomatoes – boosts testosterone a little, is red, versatile and great for so many different types of sauces.
  3. Kidney Beans – deep red color and great source of protein.
  4. Red Meat or Meat Alternative (like Beyond Meat or Bob’s Red Mill Textured Veggie Protein) – great source of protein.
  5. Beets (try this delicious red beet/bean salad) – quintessential root chakra food since it spends it’s whole life as a root.

Runners up: 1) Hibiscus tea — so red and delicious. Make sure to get non-GMO, like Traditional Medicinals brand. 2) Cranberry juice – a great, red tonic for the body. Be aware of what kind of sweetener is used in your juice (avoid high fructose corn syrup). 3) Watermelon – my favorite fruit of all time. It’s red and very juicy and hydrating which means it “plays nice” with the sacral chakra for more first and second chakra harmony (two chakras that are basically polar opposites).

Watch the video above to get the details on why these are my  favorite root chakra foods. If you have some other favorites, feel free to share them with our Chakra Tribe here on my youtube channel.

Remember, you only want to emphasize eating root chakra foods IF you have a somewhat weak root chakra. When in doubt, eat a colorful rainbow diet so you can get a little boost in all your chakras and create an atmosphere of balance.

Bon Appetite!

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